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March 06, 2018
Winter Sports Gala 2018
It was the time of the year again when PSA, BT/Shivananda Vidyalaya (UK Branch) cordially welcomed both the Sports loving Sri Lankans and the spectators for their 16th annual Winter Sports Gala at the Harrow Leisure centre on Sunday the 11th of February. Once again a number of participants, spectators and well - wishers gathered at the Hall as usual as it was one of their remarkable events that was organised to provide opportunities to people of all ages from a range of religious and cultural backgrounds from their Sri Lankan community and to any Tamil speaking sports lovers coming from the rest of the world. In fact, it was heartening to see members from different communities playing together with good will.

As usual the venue was utilized to have a variety of indoor games such as Badminton, Table tennis, Carom, Chess, basket-ball shooting Swimming etc. Since its inception in 2003 'Winter Sports Gala' has grown from strength to strength and there were more than 150 participants of all ages taking part. The highlight of the day was the badminton where more than 50 teams took part with great enthusiasm. It was indeed a day to celebrate with enjoyment and relaxation.

"I take this opportunity to congratulate the PSA (UK Branch) that has a proud history to record that they have been annually organising such events to promote our Sri Lankan community in the UK" quoted Mr. Siano Perera, the President of FOC who also has been an active participant.

Some of the spectators appreciated the organisation for organising events also for female participants and they urged more women to take part in this event in future as this would provide great exercise for particularly the women from our Sri Lankan community.

As usual the event began at 9:30 am and the evening came to an end with the award ceremony. The prizes were awarded to all the participants by the special invitees. While thanking the audience, the Chairperson Mr. E.Indrakumar quoted that he was very proud of the energetic committee members of the executive committee very especially both the Sports Secretary and the Assistant Sports Secretary and the young Shivanandians for their untiring effort to make these fund raising events run by our PSA a success. He also expressed his gratitude to all those who so generously helped to make the event come together smoothly. Further he thanked all the special invitees, participants, and the well - wishers for their encouragement and continuous support to make their events a success.

During the award ceremony they were privileged to have the President of the FOC, Mr. Siano Perera, Mrs. Edna Royce, the President of Vincent Girls High school OGA UK Branch were among them to appreciate the winners. The sponsors Such as Mr. Ananda Joseph (Nelson College) an old Michaelite, Mr.Hari Ram, an old Shivanandian including the main Sponsor Mr. Sadogoban, an old Shivanandian, as well as a teacher also graced the occasion by not only actively participating but also presenting the trophies to the winners. The Patron of Shivananda PSA UK branch Dr. Balasubramaniam, The President and the Secretary of OBA of Central College, Batticaloa Mr.Sanjeevan, Mr. Sri, the member of TSSA, Mr. Sathiamoorthy were also present.

PSA Shivananda UK Branch.
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