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May 08, 2017
PSA Shivananda(UK) - Winter Sports Gala 2017
As usual the month of February once again turned out to be a memorable one as the Srilankan sports lovers in the UK experienced the delight of Indoor Winter Sports. The event was organised by the Past Students of Shivananda Vidyalaya (UK), cordially welcomed all at the Harrow Leisure Centre on 19TH February 2017 for their 15th Annual Winter Sports Gala. A large number of participants and spectators gathered once at the Harrow Leisure Centre. In fact, this sports event has risen in popularity means that this year the number of participants has been also doubled, as more than two hundred of them took part in a variety of sports events.

This was an event purposely planned to attract the participants of all ages from Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims who form the Srilankan communities but living in the UK. The past students from some well- known institutions in various parts of Sri Lanka, living in London were able present themselves to show their talents in indoor games such as Badminton, Table tennis, Carrom, Chess, Swimming etc. The fields of sports one more time have united the people of this world from all walks of life regardless of their language and cultural differences. It was indeed a day to celebrate with enjoyment and relaxation.

Although the event began at 10.00am with Table Tennis competition, it was officially inaugurated with lighting of traditional lamp by The Worshipful the Mayor of Brent, Cllr Mr. Parvez Ahmed, Cllr Mrs. Sasikala Suresh, Cllr Mr. Krishna Suresh (a former Mayor of Harrow) and Cllr Mr Kana Naheerathan (a former Mayor of Brent). Representatives from - BUDS, TSSA, FoC, BT/St. Michaels College, BT/Methodist Central College and BT/Vincent Girls National School were also present as invited special guests at this ceremony.

'It provides great exercise for particularly the women from our community here who don't get many opportunities to exercise and I take this opportunity to congratulate the PSA Shivananda (UK) that has a proud history of record that they have been annually organising such events to promote our Srilankan community in the UK' quoted Dr. Kantha Niranjan, secretary of BUDs who was one of the special invitees gracing the occasion.

At the end of the tournament, a ceremony was held to award the winners by the special invitees representing various UK based Sports Organisations and Past Students Associations of Sri Lanka. While thanking both the participants and spectators including the special invitees, the Chairman Mr. V. K. Suresh said in his thanking note, 'I am very proud of our committee members, particularly, the Sports Secretary, his assistants especially our young Shivanandians who were there taking part in all the activities, for their untiring effort has paid off once again. The Chairman also acknowledged the sponsors, all the special invitees, participants, members of the Executive Committee, the spectators, the staffs and the well - wishers for their encouragement and Support to make this event a success
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