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April 20, 2018

Wesley College OBU (UK) celebrates Founder's Day
On 2 March 1874, Wesley College was founded at Dam Street, Pettah, Sri Lanka. Wesley College Colombo was named after John Wesley (1703-1791), the great evangelist and founder of the Methodist Church. Many years later, under the guiding hand of Rev. Henry Highfield, Wesley College was moved from Dam Street, Pettah to its current residence at Karlsruhe Gardens, Borella in 1907. Over the years, Wesley College opened its doors to provide education and moral training to thousands of Sri Lankan boys from diverse religious, ethnic and social backgrounds.

The 144th anniversary of Wesley College was celebrated by the OBU (UK) with a Founder's Day service of thanksgiving and a fellowship lunch at the Ealing Green Methodist Church on Sunday 04th March 2018. A large number of old boys of Wesley College and some of their partners joined in this morning service with the local community which was led by Rev. Rachel Bending. The Service paid homage to the indefatigable energy and dedication of the founders of Methodist heritage and generations of teachers and staff at Wesley College, who gave so much to so many thousands on so little coin for so long. A highlight of the Service was the rendering of the College song by the boys of Wesley standing together as a fraternal band in front of the Congregation, who expressed their appreciation with loud and long applause.

During the Service the President of the OBU(UK), Tyrone Namasivayam made an eloquent speech recalling the two biblical convictions that drove the passion of the founders of Wesley College. First being that every human being is created in the image of God. This means that people share a common identity. The second great biblical conviction that drove our founders was that they believed that every human being has a unique invitation to receive the salvation of God. These twin convictions inspired those great men to leave home, give up lucrative opportunities, and labour to build a great institution like Wesley College. It is a great joy that the community of students, teachers, administrators, and old boys of Wesley College prayerfully recapture the spirit of the mission of the founding fathers of the College. Tyrone reminded the congregation that the vision of Wesley College is about producing men of grit and industry who will strive to impact our society to make a positive difference in the welfare of the citizens of Sri Lanka.

The service was followed by a lunch with rice and tasty Sri Lankan curries that was enjoyed by all including several non-Sri Lankan friends. A large Wesley College 144th anniversary birthday cake was jointly cut by Dr. Sepali Wijesinghe, President of the Methodist College, Colombo PPCA (UK) and Tyrone Namasivayam symbolising the solidarity between the past students of the two leading Methodist Educational Institutions of Sri Lanka.

The Founder's Day service and the social fellowship were events of warm fraternity, of friends and family, bound by one mission to pay our gratitude to the founders and others who over the years provided their service with unselfish dedication and love to Wesley College, Colombo.

(Article Written by Dr Paul David)

Mr. Gaz Hameed
PRO/ Editor

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