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November 29, 2017
The Wesley College OBU (UK) hosted a most impressive success of a celebratory milestone with their 25th Anniversary Double Blue Ball, on the 07th October 2017, at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London.

The sheer dedication of the OBU Committee, co-ordinated and ably led by the energetic and innovative Social Secretary of the OBU, Suresh Perumal, was rewarded by a memorable event enjoyed by over 300 guests.

The event formally commenced with the traditional lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest Rev Dr. Jennifer Smith - the very first woman Superintendent of the Wesley Chapel, joined by OBU Officials Tyrone Namasivayam (President), Ghanzanfar Hameed (Secretary), Chinthaka Hettiarachi (Treasurer) and Suresh Perumal (Social Secretary), followed by the "Honorary Chaplain" of the OBU Rex Devadason, leading the prayer of Thanks giving.

The Master of Ceremonies, Vijitha Alles conducted the evening's proceedings with a high standard of professional efficiency.

Suresh Perumal, the Social Secretary invited the guests to celebrate the ever vivid story of the Wesley OBU (UK) unfurling over the past 25 years - stressing that the OBU is standing tall and strong thanks to the support of the membership and friends of Wesley College. Suresh made the point that this special DBB event has enabled the family of Wesleyites, across three generations, to meet and greet, reminiscing over life defining memories of our time at Wesley. The Wesley College Old Boys Union (UK), inspired by the vision of a group of loyal Wesleyites, has grown in stature and influence contributing over £46 Thousands pounds towards Educational, Sports and other projects at the Wesley College, Colombo.

Tyrone Namasivayam, the President in his speech said: "It is with a most profound historic sense of occasion that we gather in celebration tonight of that visionary initiative to bring our OBU into being; the singular resolve of the OBU was to pay tribute to the heritage bestowed upon us by our Methodist founding fathers and the indefatigable energy of generations of teachers at Wesley College. The financial and material contributions of our union made to the school over the past decades, ever substantial by any measure, are only the lesser manifestation of our passion. The fact that we are still at Wesley in heart, mind and soul - albeit not in body, is of the utmost value and inspiration to the present generation of boys at Wesley. To us in the OBU, it is the fountain source of the joy of shared memories, of thrilling victories, telling defeats and life defining moments of laughter. Wesley is not merely the school we attended, it is our spiritual and cultural ethos and indeed our state of mind and that is why we never leave Wesley College".

The rendering of the College Song by the Wesley Boys led by the past Presidents of the OBU and was brought to a crescendo by the Wesley College uniting war cry "Zam zam zaki, zam zam zhay". Most of the fourteen past presidents attended to express solidarity with the OBU; two are deceased and a few others could not attend due to pressing circumstances.

Rev Dr. Jennifer Smith, the Chief Guest, in her speech praised the tireless efforts of the Wesley College OBU (UK) which has contributed in the past and currently is contributing towards their Alma Mater, in true Methodist fashion. Jennifer thanked all those who had worked hard to make this DBB a grand event to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the OBU UK, a milestone reached with several successes on the way.

She also touched upon the commitment of the OBU (UK) in initiating worldwide Wesley College OBU’s to join hands to make a greater, concentrated impact in promoting the standard of education and welfare at Wesley College. Jennifer also quoted a reading from the "Epistle to the Hebrews" stressing the need for giving without expecting reward.

The Chief Guest then presented Wesley College OBU (UK) Special Awards to two former Teachers of Wesley College, Mrs Shanti Manikkawasagan and Mrs C Dharmalingham, who had provided yeoman service to Wesley College over long years and are remembered with respect and fondness by two generations of students.

The formal events were brought to an end by a Vote of Thanks by Ghanzafar Hameed, the Secretary of the OBU.

The Souvenir for this special DBB celebrating 25th Anniversary of the Wesley College OBU produced by Vamathevan Gunapalan (the Vice President of the OBU) and his team, was of an exemplary standard. It brought together the history and achievements of the OBU (UK), fraternal greetings of the Principal and OBU's around the world with colourful advertisements generating significant funds towards proceeds of this event.

The plated dinner provided by The Grange Hotel Tower Bridge was of a high culinary standard and the service was very efficient and friendly.

The evening entertainment included performance dances by 'Savoir Faire' which were enjoyed by all. Lively dance music: traditional western, pop and Baila was provided by FRONTLINE Group, which had the guests both the young and not so young dancing away, including the Chief Guest and her husband. This entertainment was further enhanced by the melodious voice of Natasha Rathnayake, a leading singer from Sri Lanka. The dancing was interfaced with the drawing of the Raffle prizes and auction of a bat signed by members of the Sri Lanka Cricket Team, both events conducted in an efficient speedy manner. It is fitting that the presentation of the prizes was made by Mr Douglas Raymond, first President of the Wesley College OBU (UK).

Many a guest said they are truly motivated to come again and that they will cherish the happy memories of this grand event.

The "Double Blue Ball of 2017" memorably demonstrated that the sprit and will of Wesley College OBU (UK) is growing in strength to build on the work done in the past 25 years. The continuing mission of Wesley College OBU (UK) is to contribute in every possible way for Wesley College, Colombo to reach new heights, producing "Men of grit and industry", who will serve our dear land Sri Lanka with honour bright and loyalty.


Dr. Paul R David
PRO / Editor - Wesley College OBU (UK)
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