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April 03, 2018
Visakha Nite 2018
Visakha Nite the grand finale to the centenary celebrations, was held at the Holiday Inn, Wembley on the 10th of March. Visakha Nite traditionally is a family occasion and it was wonderful to see this diversity on the day. The drinks reception heralded the exciting evening when old ties were rekindled , opportunities & school days relived.

The guests were then invited to the Empire room, as usual very tastefully decorated. The pedestals flanking the stage looked imperious with beautiful tall arrangements of white lilies, antirrhinums with highlights of purple Lisianthus. The same theme was echoed on the tables.with beautiful white Lisianthus on tall candelabra with wreaths encircling the base adorned by purple Lisianthus & green foliage. A series of pictures from the events that we hosted during the year displayed continuously on a screen provided us with the ambience and a flavour of these events.

Chitra Mannakkara our events coordinator welcomed the guests, and invited them to the floor, whilst the starters were served.

The Breeze with Denzil, Suresh & Damian provided their inimitable music. Soon a couple took to the floor followed by others who made use of every minute of the time available to be on the floor. Meanwhile guests were enjoying some unusual starters. The main meal, a sumptuous buffet with a wide variety of dishes all tastily prepared, catering to every palate even that of vegans, followed.

When the dessert was served, the President Dr Harshi Boralessa addressing the gathering, thanked the guests for their presence and support, and her committee and members for their hard work. She recalled memories from the past 35 years and remembered the contribution of those members who are no longer with us. She and her husband formally opened the dance thereafter. The floor was packed in no time, & the guests danced the evening away with gay abandon. The dancing continued till it had to be interrupted for the raffle draw. The raffle draw organised by Sepalika de Alwis & Mithra Gajraj was as usual a tremendous boost to the funds raised.The evening ended with the school song followed by the two national anthems. It was a great evening and indeed a fitting conclusion to a very successful centenary year. Reflecting on the Centenary Year...

The President, committee and fellow members have to be congratulated on making this centenary year so special. Each event beginning with the Exhibition which involved a great deal of research, planning and display skills, the charity walk in aid of Little Hearts, Sri Lanka which brought in unparalleled funds, the Health Awareness Day - our expression of gratitude to our supporters, our fun day at the Festival of Cricket and the final Visakha Nite were all delivered excellently.

A special word of thanks to the out-going President Harshi Boralessa who was part of the group which started this Association 35 years ago. I believe she held a post of responsibility each year throughout the existence of PPAV and so made a very special contribution to its success. We appreciate your hard work and commitment.
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