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March 31, 2017
Visakha Nite 2017
By Ajantha de Abrew

Once again, it was time for the Visakhians to celebrate the end of year, by dancing the night away in style. Many past pupils of Visakha attended the occasion y. Although it was a wintry day, weather was on our side and guests did not have to wear winter attire.

With the welcome drinks in hand, visitors mingled, in the nicely decorated Foyer area. The Floral arrangements were done in the most attractive way by the two events co-ordinators, Harshi and Chitra, demonstrating the artistic flair. There were so many young Visakhians with their spouses and some with young families. They added beauty to the function with their grand dresses and lively chatter.

The function started with a few words, from our evergreen Harshi who has been in the Association right from the Inception. The dinner was very good and the service complemented the meal, with the pleasant waiters doing their job promptly and courteously. This was followed by a speech from our president Dayani. It was then the time for the Band - Breeze to play. Music was great and catered for all age groups.

Behind the veil of merriment, lies the fundraising aspect, to assist our Alma Mater to improve facilities in the school and also for student bursaries. The successful raffle was well organised by Sepalika and Mitra.

Indramala delivered the vote of thanks. The event was concluded delightfully, with all Visakhians singing the school song, followed by the two National Anthems, with Mala taking the lead as always. Members of the Committee gave unwavering support to make this event a great success.

Wow! Visakha Nite 2017

Centenary celebrations happening in Colombo sent a vibe for Visakha night in London this year.

The dance was held at the Wembley Holiday Inn on 11th March 2017.

PPAV organises two dances, Visakha night is catered for families with kids. But for a change, it was more of a girls’ night out this year.

Attention to detail is a must for us Visakhians; going back to the fresh flowers for table décor was a well taken decision.

Fun began even before the dance started, when the girls started chatting to each other and shared some old memories. We were from different year groups, some of us have changed our physical appearance but still it was not too difficult put the faces into the school uniform. The result went something like this: "OMG, I remember you, Motwani house right?"
We wanted the dance to start, we were reminded that its dinner dance, so dinner first. The food was delicious; we loved the "batu moju".

The dance was opened by a very young couple, twins of a young Visakhian. The moment the music changed to something more upbeat, all of us were on the dance floor.

We were dancing non-stop, some high heal shoes came off; girls of all ages just had fun.

It was a great night, hats off to all the aunties Harshi, Chitra, Sepalika & Mithra.

Yamuna Tennakoon
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