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November 20, 2017
Ven. Bambalapitiye Gnanaloka completes successful Dhamma tour in the UK
alternate textA British devotee making an
offering to the prelate during
'Pindapatha Dane' in London
By Sujeeva Nivunhella in London

After completing a successful Dhamma tour in the UK, Most Venerable Bambalapitiye Gnanaloka Thera left for the USA last week to conduct more sessions.

He stayed for 19 days and travelled 1,046 miles across the UK delivering 49 hours of Dhamma sermons and invoking blessings on the country and its people.

The prelate conducted special programs in the London Buddhist Vihara, Jethavana Vihara in Birmingham, Thames Vihara in Selsdon, Shanthi Vihara in Nottingham, Sri Sambodhi Meditation Centre in London, Athula Dassan Temple in Hanworth, Sri Sambuddha Vihara in Liverpool, Sri Saddathissa Temple in Kingsbury, Imperial Hotel in Stroud, Vale Multicultural Centre in Aylesbury, Downend Folk House Association in Bristol and Weston Coyney Village Hall in Stoke on Trent.

A large number of people from all communities attended these sessions. Most of the Dhamma talks were conducted in English with British, Scottish and people of other nationalities keenly following the programs.

While delivering talks over three hours long at each venue, he offered special blessings to the sick, elderly and people distressed with personal problems.

Over 200 devotees attended the program at the London Buddhist Vihara. Chief Sanga Nayaka of Great Britain and Head of London Buddhist Vihara, Most Venerable Bogoda Seelawimala Thera, introducing Ven. Gnanaloka to the audience, said that he has not seen such a big turnout at his temple in the recent past to listen to a Dhamma talk.

Ven. Gnanaloka Thera, an eminent monk, takes only one meal a day before noon. That too he takes on 'Pindapatha Dane' walking on the street. He walks barefoot and does not touch any money. Neither does he accept any 'Pirikara' unless it is absolutely necessary for him.

The prelate conducted Dhamma talks in France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy before coming to London. He will be touring the US for around two months before leaving for Canada for more sessions.

Normally, he meditates in the Himalayas and in Mount Kailash in Tibet and does not come for public Dhamma sessions. However, devotees were fortunate that he accepted an invitation from Lakshman Gallage in London and Thusitha Rajapaksa in Paris to visit Europe.
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