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February 12, 2018
The Hospital Services Council
Care and Compassion for the sick and needy
Our National Hospital in Colombo is blessed by the presence of a benevolent and compassionate organisation working tirelessly alongside the hospital staff, for the care, support and benefit of patients. Their help is particularly aimed at those with little or no means, and those for whom there is no one else to turn to. Often young and elderly people from distant villages receiving treatment for a variety of ailments are admitted alone, with no relatives or carers to turn to. Occasionally expensive medical tests are required for which there is not always sufficient hospital funding available. Terminal patients are sometimes left in wards with hardly anyone to provide a comforting word for days on end. Sadly, when some destitute patients with no next of kin pass away there isnít anyone at all to do the final rights, or even indeed to purchase a coffin. This is where the Hospital Services Council (HSC) steps in.

The Hospital Services Council is a government registered charitable organisation established solely for the purpose of supporting and caring for the helpless, destitute and uncared-for patients, irrespective of race, creed or religion. It has on its board the Director General of Hospital Services and several eminent consultants and doctors, along with many senior and junior nursing staff as active members. The present Director of the Hospital Services Council is Venerable Rajawelle Subhuthi Thero.

In each ward at the General Hospital there is a small committee consisting of nursing staff, a ward doctor and a consultant. Whenever they come across a helpless, destitute or needy patient a written request is made on their behalf to the Hospital Services Council, based within the hospital premises. The staff at the HSC would immediately respond by providing the requested items, be it medicines, funding for urgent medical tests, general clothing or daily care needs, crutches or even wheelchairs, all free of charge. Funding for this invaluable service comes from individual and organisational donations, annual membership fees and contributions from a variety of other sources such as schools and other youth organisations. Anyone wishing to take up membership, make a donation or help and support the HSC should contact them directly at www.nirodhaya.org the official website. All the HSC accounts are audited by a leading accounting firm and receipts are issued for every financial donation.

Venerable Subhuthi Thero is presently visiting the UK on the invitation of the Most Venerable Galayaye Piyadassi Nayaka Thero, at the Kingsbury Buddhist Temple. He will be in the UK until 13th March 2018.

Ven. Rajawelle Subhuthi                    07727705874
Mr. Sunimal Fernando (London)       07428591253      sunimalfernando@hotmail.com
Dr. Ravindra Jayarathne (London)      07872386801      mprjaya@gmail.com
Dr. Ajith De Silva (Milton Keynes)      07791880157      sd9865@hotmail.com
Mr. Mahinda (Bristol)                          07482693649      nethminadeeka@gmail.com
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