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December 27, 2017
The 11th Annual General Meeting of the SriLanka Leukaemia Foundation (UK) was held on 17th December 2017 at the residence of two Committee Members in Wimbledon. The President Narada Wijeyatilake welcomed all members present and called the meeting to order. The minutes of the last AGM were presented by Secretary Asoka Disanayake followed by the Accounts for the preceding year presented by the Treasurer, Sirini Nizar.

It was noted that the main fund raising event conducted during the year under review was the Annual Dinner / Dance held on the 4th of June 2017 at the C & L Country Club attended by a large gathering which resulted in an impressive net profit of £4159.50 which included £508 of donations related to the Dinner/Dance. Providing funds for various projects of the Apeksha cancer Hospital in Maharagama being the main objective of the SLLF, it was with great satisfaction that members received the news that an amount of £9600 had been donated to the Apeksha Cancer Hospital in October, this year to fund the purchase of 100 Oxygen regulators and an Air Conditioning Unit for the second Endoscopic Unit which was funded by the SLLF last year. The President stated that a total sum of £40,000 has been donated to the Apeksha Cancer Hospital for various projects by the SLLF (UK), from its inception eleven years ago.

The Following Office Bearers were unanimously elected for the year 2018

President: Asoka Disanayake
Vice President: Murtaza Ali Kaderbhoy
Secretary: Nihal Perera
Asst. Secretary: Nevomal Fernando
Treasurer: Sirini Nizar
Asst. Treasurer: Subi Perera
Events Coordinator: John Kern

Narada Wijeyatilake
Perry Perera
Ranjani Perera
Charmaine Wijeyatilake
Jeeva Disanayake
Surangani Amaratunga - (Representative in SriLanka)

The out going President, Dr Narada Wijeyatilake thanked all members for the support and cooperation rendered to him during the two year tenure of his presidency. He added that the SLLF was able to conduct very successful Dinner / Dance events in the last two years which resulted in raising substantial amount of funds which enabled SLLF to donate £8000 and £9600 in the last two years respectively. Narada had a special word of thanks for the Events Coordinator, ever vigilant John Kern who has established a reputation for completing a given task almost single handedly. Narada also thanked all the other committee members for all their hard work in helping to successfully complete all the events organised by the SLLF.

The incoming President, Asoka Disanayake thanked the members for confidence placed in him for electing him as the next President of the SLLF and promised to carry out all responsibilities placed in the position to the best of his ability. He stated that it has been a privilege to be part of the SLLF from the time he joined the organisation as all the members have worked tirelessly to achieve the objective of the SLLF to help the Leukaemia and other cancer patients in Sri Lanka as best as possible and have borne most expenses incurred in organising all events to make it possible to maximise the profits available for donation to the Cancer Hospital. He pointed out that at the time of his taking over the helm of the organisation there was not much funds left in the kitty as most of it had been used for donation. However, he said that with the help of all members he will strive hard to collect a reasonable amount of funds in the ensuing year to make a substantial donation to the Apeksha Hospital before the end of the year.
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