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May 29, 2017
alternate textSri Lanka Leukaemai Foundation (UK) committee 2017. Absentee Surangani Amaratunge (Liaison officer in Sri Lanka)
Sri Lanka Leukaemia Foundation (UK) celebrated their 10th year anniversary by holding a dinner & dance on 20th May 2017 at the C&L Country Club, Northolt.

The night got underway with a brief introduction by Asoka Disanayake, the Hon. Secretary of Sri Lanka Leukaemia Foundation (UK), followed by a power point video showing various projects funded by the association over the past ten years towards Apkesha Hospital Maharagama (formerly known as Maharagama Cancer Hospital). The slides also displayed the foundations past dinner & dances and other fund-raising events.

This was followed by a speech from Dr. Narada Wijayatilake the Hon. President of the association who honoured distinguished guests such as the President of Wesley College OBU (UK), a Chairperson of the Pets Wood Playgroup Charity for special need children in Bromely (Kent) and the Director of Abans from Sri Lanka who flew in specially for the event.

The president went onto say that the association have disbursed £30,000 in the last ten years on various projects at Apeksha Hospital Maharagama and the last project funded in January 2017 was to enlarge and refurbish the endoscopy unit at the hospital for Rs. 1,500,000. (equivalent to approximately £8,000). He emphasized that the SLLF(UK) have already received an urgent request from the hospital's Director of Services for the supply of air conditioning machines for the endoscopy unit and 130 wall mounted oxygen regulators with humidifiers at Rs. 17,000 each (total cost Rs.2,210,000). A committee member of the association has provisionally agreed to fund the air conditioner for Rs. 140,000. He mentioned in order to promote these objectives there should be substantial funds available and it can only be achieved by the help of generous donors, well wishes and all those present on the night.

A word of thanks went to Wesley College OBA and the current President, Mr.Tyrone Namasivayam, for their continuing support and to St. Paul's Milagiriya PPA for their support this year. A token of appreciation went to honorary auditor Mrs. Ayesha Fernando for her services to the association. Also appreciation was expressed to Mrs. Sharmane Fernando for bringing the most number of guests and obtaining an advert from Duke Courts travel for two years running and to Mr.Sunil Bandara for printing the dinner & dance souvenirs for many years. Gratitude was given to the association's vice-president, Perry Pererra, and his wife, Ranjani Perera, for accommodating several committee meetings over the years and for endless supply of tea & savouries. A word of thanks went to Mr. Faiz Nizar a committee member who has successfully proof-read and edited all of SLLF(UK)’s publications since the association's inauguration.

The president thanked NewsLanka and Sesatha for promoting the SLLF(UK)'s 10th year dinner & dance and the advertisers for their support and generous contributions. He showed his appreciation to the management & staff of C&L Country Club, the band "Breeze" and to Paradise Vacations for donating a return air ticket to Sri Lanka for the night's raffle-draw and most of all everybody who participated and for their generous contributions and all well wishes who have given generous donations throughout the years.

He concluded Thanking the SLLF(UK) committee for their hard work in helping to make this event possible and for their generous contributions towards the raffle. A special acknowledgement went to John Kern, the events co-ordinator, who worked tirelessly to make this dinner dance a great success. A token of appreciation from Charmaine and Dr.Narada was handed to him for his unstinting support.

Photographs by Neil De La Harpe
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