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July 10, 2018
Sri Lanka Leukaemia Foundation marks its eleventh year
with an enthralling Dinner / Dance
The Sri Lanka Leukaemia Foundation ( SLLF (UK) ) held their 11th annual Dinner/Dance which is their main fund raising event in the calendar attended by a large gathering of friends and supporters of the charity. For the first time in its history the number of participants present exceeded the 200 mark and the event was held in the serene setting of the Crystal room at the C & L Country Club in Northolt in London on Saturday the 23rd June.

In addition to being a fund raising event where the contribution of the many generous donors and sponsors is recognised and appreciated, the occasion turned out to be a joyful one for the participants. It was a gathering of professionals and people from other vocations drawn from the SriLankan community in the UK as well as well wishers from the wider society. Exceed, one of the leading SriLankan musical groups in the UK was in attendance and stood up to their reputation rendering popular Srilankan and Western music and ballads. It was not long before that people who were enjoying the music and songs seated comfortably were drawn to the dance floor and after an initial phase of slow ballroom dancing leading to the Latin American dances the climax was the ever popular baila dance enjoyed by lads and lasses of all age ranges. Some parents were accompanied to the event by young children which also made it a family occasion and the children too enjoyed it in their own way.

The evening's programme started with a welcome and an introduction by the inimitable MC for the evening, Ronald de Visser who in turn introduced the current President of the SLLF(UK), Asoka Disanayake who addressed the gathering.In his address the president extended a warm welcome to all to the event, stressing that it is the main fund raising event of the Foundation's calender. Tracing the inception of the SLLF eleven years ago he pointed out that its initial objective was to provide financial help for the treatment of children in Sri Lanka afflicted by Leukaemia through the premier cancer hospital in the country located in Maharagama (now known as the Apeksha Hospital).

The oroginal committee of the SLLF established a good working relationship with the management of the cancer hospital who have identified several projects for the SLLF to fund over the past eleven years of its existence. The president was pleased to state that the SLLF has contributed just over £40,000 to the Apeksha hospital to fund numerous projects. The latest funding carried out last year was for the supply of 100 units of wall mounted Oxygen regulators with humidifiers for the new wing of the hospital along with an airconditioner unit for the second Endoscopy Unit which had already been funded by our society in the previous year. The cost of funding amounted to £9,600.

For our next project planned to be carried out during the course of this year, the Apeksha hospital has requested the funding of Infusion pumps which it is badly in need of. Each of these pumps costs about £300 and the committee of the SLLF has set itself the ambitious target of providing funds for possibly 30 of these pumps. To this end the president earnestly requested the well wishers of the SLLF to consider making any further donations to achieve the objective and added that details of making such donations are found in our website www.sllfuk.com.

The president concluded his speech thanking the guests present who have over the years made the dinner dance a great success. Having thanked all the others who had made the event a success, he had special words of thanks for the members of the committee of the SLLF for their unreserved commitment and the enigmatic events coordinator of the SLLF who has worked tirelessly to make the event a success. He concluded his address hoping that everyone present will have a very enjoyable evening.

The evening's programme included a raffle draw and a Baila competition. After enjoying a delicious dinner the young and old danced away into the night to the rytham of "Exceed".
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