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December 04, 2017
After 31 years it is gratifying to look back and reflect on what GOD has helped us to achieve in helping the poor, the destitute and the sick. The projects we undertook will be operational for generations to come and these marginalised people in our society can reap the benefits of what the Sri Lanka Christian Association (SLCA) has sowed.

The Kandy Hospital is now almost halfway completed and the SLCA are humbled to be part of its building.

The first ever Braille Library, was given a lasting facility for the visually impaired to further their education. Several such visually impaired boys and girls have gone to university and been on such courses as accounting, thus enabling them to secure employment in various businesses and institutions such as banks. Following courses in shorthand typing has enabled them to seek clerical jobs and teaching posts.

The SLCA opened another first ever Sewing and Embroidery centre in Moratuwa, where the girls there have the facility to learn to sew and do embroidery, a trade they can easily perform at home, whilst caring for their little ones.

A Carpentry centre and a Candle Making centre engages physically disabled youth to help earn a living and hope for a secure future.

The SLCA is a hands-on UK registered charity providing the poor some stability. The founder Charmaine Jayetilleke MBE is close to the poor and sees their poverty and their needs first hand. Her projects in feeding the poor during the festive seasons has become legendary and the expectant families in Rajagiriya, Wanathamulla and Dematagoda look forward to it in eagerness.

Last month the Sri Lanka Christian Association provided lunch to the children in an orphanage in Wellawatte, run by the Rev Sugathananda Urumutte Thero and Mrs. Chandrani Perera-Hettigoda, who takes care of the children, about 70 boys. Photographs were taken by Dhanuka Prasanga and Chinthaka Fernando. The food was prepared by Mrs. Indrani and Mrs Viji and all this wonderful work was overlooked by Mrs. Chandrani Perera-Hettigoda.

On Christmas morning, the children will have a wonderful breakfast and lunch supplied by Charmaine Jayetilleke MBE founder of the SLCA.

The SLCA are happy that it can bring JOY to the lives of the poor, the sick, the aged, the lonely, the homeless and the orphans, as Jesus Christ Himself did. We are humbled to follow in His footsteps.

The SLCA extends its grateful thanks to all its donors who have been generous in their giving towards its noble work over 31 years for the work it has done for the orphans, the old, the sick, the homeless and the unwanted child. Based in the United Kingdom, the Sri Lanka Christian Association have trusted friends and volunteers on the ground in Sri Lanka, who act as family to these unfortunate people in need.

The Sri Lanka Christian Association takes this opportunity to thank all its supporters and well wishers. Without you, there will be no SLCA!

We wish all our friends, supporters and donors a Very Merry Christmas & a Most Prosperous and Blessed New Year!

Charmaine Jayetilleke MBE
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