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June 06, 2018
SL Leukaemia Foundation Conducts a Successful Fund Raising Coffee Morning
The Sri Lanka Leukaemia Foundation (SLLF,UK) conducted a very successful Coffee morning last Sunday the 3rd June at Our Lady Of Loreto & St Winifride Church in Kew Gardens, Richmond where parishioners attending the mass at the Church generously contributed to the funds, being informed of the good work the SLLF has done in funding projects at the Apeksha Cancer Hospital, Maharagama, the premier national cancer hospital in SriLanka.

The idea of conducting the Coffee Morning to raise funds was conceived by Nevomal Fernando, an active member of the SLLF(UK) and its current Assistant secretary who along with his friend Tilak Jayanetti who is a respected member of the congregation of the St Winefred's Church who had taken up the matter with the Chief Priest of the church, Father Tom Scannell who was briefed about the charity work of the SLLF(UK). Being impressed with the work done by the SLLF over the last eleven years in funding various projects at the Apeksha Cancer Hospital in Sri Lanka to alleviate the suffering of the cancer patients, Fr. Tom provided the hall and other facilities of the Church for the planned event and gave his support and the blessing too.

Nevomal and Thilak had subsequently put in a lot of hard work to give publicity to the event by inserting a notice in the weekly news letter of the church, by distributing a brief flyer among the parishioners and arranging to put up a large notice in the church premises on the day of the event. On the day of the coffee morning all members of the SLLF Committee gathered in the Church premises bringing along cakes, biscuits, coffee, tea etc and set up an impressive table eagerly awaiting the arrival of parishioners and their families at the end of morning Mass. With the help of Nevomal's wife Shanthi and the family members of Secretary Nihal & Asst Treasurer Suby the Coffee morning turned out to be very successful. All members of the Committee donned the special T shirts of the SLLF with its logo and which were produced in Sri Lanka and paid for by a benefactor and all this was done through the sole effort of the enigmatic Events Coordinator of the SLLF, John Kern.

The main objective of conducting the Coffee Morning was to raise funds to pay for a maximum possible number of Infushion Pumps required urgently by the Apeksha Hospital. The cost of each pump is about £300 and with further funds to be raised through its main fund raising event, the Annual Dinner/Dance scheduled for Saturday 23rd June the SLLF is hopeful of funding the purchase of an optimum number of Infushion pumps. It was highly satisfying to the SLLF Committee that a substantial amount of funds were collected through this event due to the magnanimity of the parishioners of St. Winifrede's church which will help in achieving its objectives.
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