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May 07, 2018

On the 7th of April 2018, the Shivanandians living here in the U K, celebrated their 23rd Annual Shivanandian Day held at Preston Manor School with enthusiasm and zeal. A distinguished Consultant Anaesthetist attached to London North West NHS Trust, a Shivanandian DR. Baskaran FRCA was the esteemed Chief Guest. The Special Guest was Mr. UmaraJan, again a Shivanandian representing the Shivanandian 90 batch living in the UK who volunteered to show their hospitality by sponsoring the meals and drinks for the audience.

The colourful and memorable Cultural Fest commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Chief Guest, the Special Guest, the Patrons and the eminent representatives of their friendly associations in the UK.

In his Welcome address the Chair Person Mr.Indrakumar introduced the honourable Chief Guest, the Special Guest and he sincerely welcomed the representatives from their friendly associations. He also extended a warm welcome to the OBA Trincomalee Koneswara Hindu College. This was followed by various cultural performances including Bharathanaatiyam and orchestra etc. to reveal many cultural aspects of our culture before the audience. The chair also acknowledged the relentless effort of his energetic members of the Executive committee for making this day arrive. While talking about the Major events like the Christmas Event, Winter Sports Gala for the Sri Lankan Community they organise annually he said that they are organised bearing Swami Vipulananda's philosophy in mind as they are aware that swami was dedicated to serving the community, irrespective of religion, caste, creed or language. He also paid tributes for Late Mr.Vijayaratnam, a former Chairman and a Patron of their organisation who passed away last year and appreciated the service of Late Mrs. Sangaravel who was a teacher at Shivananda.

When the Chief Guest delivered his valuable speech, he not only praised the entire event for how it had been diligently organised and structured but also appreciated the efforts of the Shivanandians living in the UK for organising such fundraising events to help the Alma-Mater. He further added that it would be a good example for others too. He also emphasised the importance of education amongst the underprivileged strata of our society back at home.

Following the Cultural programme, the audience were delighted to witness the musical elements to bring symphony and melodies, when the studio 12 productions along with not only the professional singers from the Rainbow Music group, also very popular singers from the IBC 'Thankak kural' sang the melodies of the 80's.

The event came to an end with a program with a grand finale celebration by a few members of the committee on Popular Pop songs as a dedication to Late Pop Star A. E. Manoharan. On the whole it was indeed a spectacular display of talent and fervour.
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