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March 20, 2018
Prins Gunasekara's Autobiography - book Launching ceremony
A book launching ceremony ofthe book titled " Prins" was held on 3rd February 2018 at Leytonstone Free Church Auditorium in London. The book "Prins" contains a wonder ful story of one of the most honest Members of the Parliamentary history of Sri Lanka and a long standing living member of the recent past. Also, he is the most dedicated Human Right's Lawyer who sacrificed his life to protect the lives of innocent victims from respective notorious regimes in Sri Lanka. The book is based on the personal life and political experiences of Mr. Prins Gunasekara.

Chief guests of the ceremony were Mr. David Gladstone former British High Commissioner of Sri Lanka and Lady Lindsay Avebury wife of the late Lord Avebury. They are longstanding friends of Mr. Prins Gunasekara and they helped restoration of Human Rights situations in Sri Lanka in the recent past. Late Lord Eric Avebury and Former High Commissioner David Gladstone were expelled from Sri Lanka due to their activities with the respective regimes.

This book was written by the upcoming author named - Asanga Sayakkara. Asanga is an old Anandian and had published Autobiographies of Legendary Film Director of Sri Lanka Dr Lester James Perris and Dr Premasiri Kemadasathe well known famous musicians in Sri Lanka. In addition to this, he had written few other bookson various subjects.

He addressed the ceremony via Skype and explained his inability to attend this eventdue to the fact that his visa was granted two days before the event.

In his skype speech, he said thathe was askedto write the autobiography of Mr Prins Gunasekara. Hehad never seen Mr Gunsekera in his life and he had todo researchat national achieves, parliament library and consulted many people Mr Gunasekera had associated during his political career. Mr Sayakkara had to stay nearly two months in London with Mr. Gunasekara's family and visited many people known to Mr Gunasekera during this period in order to collect facts about his activities. He said that it was a chapter of history. He had carefully summarised the book format.He thanked everybody who helped him to publish this book.

This ceremony was conducted by Mr Pulathisi Karunarathne, thebrother-inLaw of Mr. Gunasekara. The book "Prins" was presented by Mr. Gunasekara's long standing associate Mr Shantha Senadheera(Solicitor) on behalf of the Author Asanga Sayakkara. A well-known Journalist and former Editor of Lanka Viththi newspaper, Mr Daya Ananda Ransinghe delivered a speech in Sinhalese and mentioned the importance of many aspects of this book to our younger generation and politicians of our country. This book explains the political history unwritten by any one of our country after independence in 1948.

Sri Lanka former British High Commissioner David Gladstone explained hisexperiences during his period asthe British High Commissioner. He further said that Mr. Gunasekara and his juniors fearlessly faced the authoritiesand howhe was able to save many lives from that regimes.LadyLindsay Aveburystated that Mr. Gunasekara was known to her husband,the Late Lord Eric Avebury,since 1970. She said it was an important occasion for everyone who was involved in human rights field in Sri Lanka. Mr Gunasekara is a great person who dedicated his whole life on human rightsactivities in Sri Lanka and the British speakers said that they gave every possible help to save Mr. Gunasekara and his family before they fled the country. Furthermore, Mrs Avebury said that Mr Gunasekera and his family stayed withher family since their arrival in the UK until they found suitable accommodation.

Mr.RanjithPanamulla who worked as a junior Lawyer with Mr. Gunasekara while in Sri Lanka, Mr. Mohammed Marzoo, Trade union activist who worked with Mr. BalaThampo and Mr. Syed Baheer (solicitor) also gave speeches at this ceremony.

Mr Sugeeshwara Guarathna - Deputy High Commissioner of Sri Lankan High Commission in the UK also highlighted Mr Gunasekera's fearless activities as a Lawyer and a Politician .He further said that it was a historical event and thanked the organisers. He said that he had heard a lot about Mr Gunasekera's human rights activities from the newspapers while Mr Gunaratne was working in Geneva. He didn't forget to mention that this type of honest politicians are veryimportant, especially for our younger generation,which goes to the history of Sri Lanka.

Mr. Gunasekara's granddaughter little Elisha performed abeautiful dance for the music of Clarance Wijewardana's "Udarata Niliya Hedavagei".

Vote of thanks given by Mr. Gunasekara's youngest daughter GeshnieGunasekara(Solicitor). At the end, mouth-watering food was served. I observed that Mr. Gunasekaranever failed to speak to the participants while he was attesting each and every book purchasedby them that evening.

This bookwas based on the personal experience of Mr. Gunasekara from his childhood to his political journey until 1989. He worked as a chief sub Editor of Sri Lankadeepa under D. B. Danapala. In 1956 . With the change of regime, he worked as a Secretary to the Mahajana Eksatha Peramuna (MEP) Party with Mr SWRD Bandaranaike, then Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. He then practiced as a junior Lawyer with Late Q.C. Nadesan.

1971-1989 JVP insurrections - During this period he helped the activists who were detained by the authorities by lodging Habeas corpus applications to save their lives as a Human Rights Lawyer.

How he escaped from death warrant is a miracle. In 1989he left the country with the help of the International community.

The book 'Prins' isa very interesting one to read by anyone who should know the correct facts about respective regimes since our independence.

The author of this book Mr Sayakkara dedicated this book to his Political Science lecturer Mr. Dines Lydroos. He states in this book..."This book is dedicated to my Political Science Teacher, Dinesh Lydroos, who helped me see the world through a political Eye'.

Mr Sam Wijesinghe, the most reputed civil servant and Secretary General has stated "Mr. Prins Gunasekara is the most honest member of Parliament I have come across. He stood for his principles boldly and without fear.He is a politician of esteem characteristic who cannot be subjugated"

By: Shantha Senadheera (Solicitor)
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