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January 22, 2018
Methods of contributing towards the Hospital Services Council (HSC)
of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka
1. Once you become aware about this service you may subsequently educate others about our activities.

2. Obtain an annual membership by paying SLRS 5000.00 (£30.00 approx). Members can select any preferred day to handover their donations by the member himself or by us, on behalf of the member.

3. To collect and send items such as wheel chairs, walkers, crutches and similar other goods for the benefit of less fortunate sick people in Sri Lanka.

4. To collect and send school stationery, toys and children's clothing washed and cleaned for the usage of underprivileged patients in Sri Lanka who are mainly warded in the Colombo National Hospital and its cluster hospitals such as Lady Ridgeway Children’s hospital, De Soysa Maternity hospital, Eye Hospital and The National Institute of Mental Health.

5. To donate funds for poor patients who need money to obtain certain drugs which are temporarily not available in the hospital, Fund such patients who need to get medical tests outside hospitals and even to support patients monetarily to get back home after treatment.

6. To carry out small awareness programs in homes about activities of the HSC.

7. Educate your friends, relations and businessmen in Sri Lanka about the activities of the HSC.

8. All patients who are less fortunate are selected without any discrimination what so ever under the supervision of ward medical staff.

9. Hospital Services Council (HSC) on behalf of the under privileged patients carryout this valuable service for the past 50 years in the Colombo National Hospital and its cluster.

10. HSC wish to expand this service to other hospitals in most difficult areas and target the under privileged patients providing their basic needs in other identified locations.

11. All above activities are done under the close supervision of the Director Hospital Service Council Ven. Rajawelle Subhuthi Thero who have done a remarkable service. HSC is now a Govt. Approved Tax Free Organization. HSC is also targeting other countries to gain much needed support to expand its services to other area hospitals in Sri Lanka.

12. Auditors of Hospital Service Council of Sri Lanka are KPMG (Chartered Accountants).

13. HSC is a meaningful, worthwhile organization for you and your loved ones to gain best of health, prosperity and long life.

14. Ven. Subhuthi Thero, Director of HSC will be in the United Kingdom from 10th February till 12th March' 2018 at the under mentioned Centre. Here you can meet and discuss details of the activities of Hospital Services Council. He will be staying for almost 5 weeks in this Centre and you can meet him from 10th February onwards to discuss matters in detail.

Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Centre,
309-311, Kingsbury Road, London NW9 9PE, UK.
Tel: 020 8204 3301
Fax: 020 8933 9395
Email : ssibc@ntlworld.com

Please contact Mr. Ajith De Silva for further details Tel: 0044 190 850 2730 / 0044 779 188 0157
Email : sd9865@hotmail.com
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