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September 22, 2017
Methodist Wesley Cruise on River Thames
The joint Methodist College PPA (UK) and Wesley College OBU (UK) river cruise on the "MV Thames Princess" with dinner and dance took place on 29 July 2017. As in previous such occasions this event was again an unique experience which surpassed the expectations of the guests. The event was a sell out and the damp weather during the evening did not diminish the enthusiasm and anticipation of the guests during the embarkation at Lambeth Pier. On entering the "MV Thames Princess", they were welcomed by the charming ladies of Methodist PPA, who presented them with short eats.

Dr Sepali Wijesinghe, the President of the Methodist PPA welcomed the guests and highlighted the significance of this event, which has been made possible by the dedicated joint efforts of the committees of the Methodist PPA and Wesley OBU. She thanked the guests and explained that the Methodist PPA share of the profits will be donated to the Methodist College, Colombo. Tyrone Namasivayam, President of the Wesley College OBU who followed Sepali, also thanked the guests for their support at this event. He made special reference to the fact that this year, the 25th anniversary of the initiation of Wesley College OBU in the UK is perhaps an appropriate juncture to repeat a jolly pleasant social gathering with ladies of Methodist College and hoped that this will be a regular cruise every summer. He, expressed regret that several persons had to be disappointed as the tickets for guests (limited to 210) were sold out.

Both Sepali and Tyrone stressed the significance of the growing strength of the cooperation between Methodist PPA and Wesley OBU, which has resulted in several highly successful joint events over the years. This River Dinner Dance, 2017 is another example of this joint efforts of past pupils of two sister educational institutions in Sri Lanka.

The cruise down and up the River Thames passing several landmarks and glorious sights of London turned out to be a pleasant night. The dancing on the top deck of the Thames Princess to the music provided by DJ Harsha was practically non-stop. The arrangements on board went off like clock work with dinner served to the tables by committee members of both organisations. The well supported Raffle was carried out in an efficient manner.

Time passed so pleasantly during the cruise with jolly and rollicking fun that the guests were surprised when Thames Princess retuned and docked at Lambeth Pier at mid night. The guests were unanimous in their feed back to the committee members of both organisations on leaving the boat. The main sentiment expressed was that it was an enjoyable night, an event well organised and it should be repeated next year.

Methodist College PPA and Wesley College OBU thank all the guests for their support and spirit of their total participation, which made this River Cruise Dinner Dance (2017), a great success and an unique joint event to be repeated.
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