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February 20, 2017

Looking for Sri Lankan actors
About the play
Written by Shakthidharan Sivanathan, A Counting and Cracking of Heads is a play following the uprooting and resettling of a family over four generations from Sri Lanka to Australia. Through their journey, we see a Sri Lanka riven by, but by no means surrendering to, violent divisions - and an Australia transforming of, but also transformed by, the people that flee to its shores.

This is a stylised, epic drama about love, violence, silence and hope in families. In presenting the vastly different worlds of Sri Lanka in the mid-late 20th century and Australia in the early 21st century, A Counting and Cracking ultimately shows how much we have in common - between generations, countries and ourselves - and the surprising consequences that flow from that.

The play is in 3 Acts as follows:
Act 1: Sydney and Colombo in 2004
Act 2: Sydney and Colombo (2004) and Colombo(1957 & 1977)
Act 3: Sydney (2004), Colombo (1983)

The work will be directed by Eamon Flack (Artistic Director, Belvoir). The work will rehearse in November/December 2017 and premiere in early 2018 at a number of international arts festivals across Australia.

About the company
A Counting and Cracking of Heads will be produced and presented by Belvoir, one of Australia's most innovative and acclaimed theatre companies. Belvoir is located in Surry Hills, Sydney. Under Artistic Director Eamon Flack and Executive Director Brenna Hobson, Belvoir engages Australia's most prominent and promising playwrights, directors, actors and designers to realise an annual season of work that is dynamic, challenging and visionary. As well as performing at home, Belvoir regularly takes to the road, touring both nationally and internationally. http://belvoir.com.au

Casting Vacancies
Belvoir is seeking to engage a number of internationally based actors for this work. Belvoir will be holding auditions in London, Toronto and central and south east Asia during the first half of 2017.

Please see character descriptions overleaf. If interested please contact: Bec Allen, Consultant radiobec@gmail.com

Sex: Female
Age: 40-5Oyrs
Language: English, Tamil, Sinhala (primarily English, one scene in Tamil)
Description: Radha is played by two actresses - one older and one younger. We are seeking to fill the role of the older Radha. Radha is central character across alllocations and time periods of the play. She is resilient and steadfast and onstage for almost the full duration (approx. 3 hours). Radha plays the mother of the young male lead (Sid, aged 21).

Sex: Male
Age: 50-65yrs
Language: English, Tamil, Sinhala (primarily English, 2 scenes in Tamil, occasional Sinhala)
Description: Apah (Tamil) is the central figure around whom all action circulates. He is the patriarch of the family and a charismatic public figure and politician (Minister in the United National Party government). He is the owner of the Colombo home in which all of the Sri Lankan scene's are set. Apah is Radha's grandfather and married to Aacha.

Sex: Female
Age: 50-6Oyrs
Language: English, Tamil, Sinhala (primarily English, 2 scenes in Tamil, occasional Sinhala)
Description: Aacha (Tamil) is the matriarch of the family, a true 'mother' figure. With a strong sense of authority and a dry sense of humour she runs the Colombo home. Ancha is Radha's grandmother and married to Apah.

Sex: Female
Age: must play full age range of 20's - 70's
Language: Sinhala
Description: Nihinsa is the long serving servant in the Colombo home. She only speaks Sinhala. She has observed all of the comings and goings of the three generations and the exodus of people fleeing after the troubles. The actress mustplay the full range of ages across the time period of the work (1950's - 2004), beginning in her early 20's.
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