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November 15, 2017
The General Meeting The Buddhist Community Centre Letchworth (BCCL) held the 2017 Katina Ceremony on Saturday 21st October 2017 at the Free Church Hall, Norton Way, Letchworth Garden City. This year the Katina Poojava (Katina offering) was Sponsored by Mr. Lal Perera & Mrs. Manori Pathiranage, Miss. Hirunika Perera, Mr. Kamal Wijwsuriya & Mrs. Imalka Pathiranage, Mr. Nadun Ratnayake & Mrs. Neranja Pathirana, Mr. Mahesh Wijesuriya and their families and friends.

The ceremonial activity commenced at 7.00a.m. By bringing the Katina Robe to the temple, conducted the morning Pooja, and offered the morning alms (Heeldhane) to venerable monks. Thereafter, several devotees participated in stitching the Katina robe at The Free Church Hall. All the devotees and Rev. Monks joined the Katina Perehera lead by the traditional Sri Lankan Kandian drummers.

Ven. Mathugama Palitha Thero made the welcome speech and the Five Precepts (Pancha Seela) was administered by Most Ven Dr Kaballawe Siri Sumana Maha Thero of Dr Ambekkar Buddhist Mission Barking. Followed by the midday Buddha Poojawa conducted by Ven. Madugalle Mahanama Thero. Thereafter, the mid-day alms (Dhane) were offered to Maha Sangha. The punniya anumodhanawa (invoking merits) in Sinhala Language was delivered by Most Ven. Kaburawala Revatha Sangha Nayaka Thero, From Scotland Buddhist Vihara and also Most Ven Tawalama Bandula Thero of London Buddhist Vihara.

Ven. Nepale Sumana Thero. From Kingsbury Buddhist Vihara delivered a Dhamma talk in English, for the benefit of young children explaining how the inception of Katina ceremony occurred during Buddha's time and how it is continuing up to present day. The Maha Sangha participated in chanting the stanzas to offer the Katina Cheewara (Katina robe) to the chosen Ven. Monk. Ven. Dediyawala Wimala Thero. Chief incumbent of Letchworth Buddhist Vihara received the Katina Robe in appreciation for his dedication and commitments in carrying out all the religious activities during the Vass season. Many devotees offered Ata Pirikara and Cheewara to maha sangha.

On behalf of the resident monks of the Letchworth Vihara and the management committee, the President, Mr. Haris Kodagoda thanked all those who supported the event.

During the Vass period, The Letchworth Buddhist Vihara carried out several meritorious events every Saturday, including evening Special Buddha Pooja and chanting of Pirith with the leadership of Ven. Dediyawala Wimala Thero followed by Dhamma Sermons by Ven. Sooriyawewa Kusala Thero. And few Saturdays by invited Rev. Monks. Various devotees sponsored these Saturday Poojas.

A special ceremony of colouring the Katina Cheewara (Katina Robe) was carried out with the leadership of Ven. Sooriyawewa Kusala Thero., on Sunday, 15th October.

The event was well attended by the devotees and friends of the temple. The Maha Snagha of the temple, the committee members of BCCL and the organisers of the Katina ceremony wish to extend their appreciation to all those who attended and extended their support for making this meritorious event a great success.
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