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December 13, 2016
Free education, quality health service is the first priority of a JVP government
The only way to liberate Sri Lanka from the past 68 years of dismally cursed history is to elect of a JVP government in 2020. JVP MP Dr Nalinda Jayatissa recently delivered a seminar titled, 'Our solution to the country's crisis' to a packed audience in a Feltham Community College, London. The audience was notably different to usual JVP organised meetings, representing many areas of the UK and comprising both JVP and non-JVP members.

The seminar was further enriched by a session delivered by guest speaker Dr Ranjeet Brar, Central Committee member of the Communist Party of Great Britain Marxist Leninist, which has close ties with JVP U.K.

In his detailed speech Dr Nalinda explained the present crisis that Sri Lanka is facing including social, economic, political, cultural and environmental disasters, bought on by the two parties that ran the country in turns for the past 68 years namely SLFP and UNP governments who have no solutions, aside from lies and manipulation, having stolen people's votes through lies, deception and cheating, and subsequently have run the country through deception, corruption and control, while appearing to acts as the nations saviours while in reality providing no solutions to the problems that ordinary people face every day. Through presenting economic and statistical data to the audience, Dr Nalinda was able to demonstrate that the only thing that these governments have managed to successfully achieve was to increase social, financial, political problems.

The current government is a combination of the two said parties. Despite it being introduced as a national government, as in previous history, they remain a group of corrupt individuals and families who influence, manipulate and interfere in running the government. There is no science based systematic programme of improving the country here. There is only cheating, raping the country and wasting taxpayers money in a corrupt system that runs from top to bottom. In addition these governments have failed to bring different communities together in harmony. They have failed to efficiently deal with international diplomatic relations and have handed the country's sovereignty by surrendering control to other nations and borrowing sums of money so large that we can never repay, leaving a country that is in debt to the world and utterly destroyed.

He emphasised that under a JVP government, first priority will be given to the education and health services, increasing quality and access to all. Additionally it would create government bodies comprising of educated and intelligent people who will develop science based programmes that develops the country's workforce with help from the private sector to systematically improve and develop the economy. Science based agricultural programmes would be implemented to produce food that is required for the country to be self sufficient; technology and industries would be funded to produce the equipment that is required for agricultural industry; universities would be created to develop and train graduates for these industries with additional agricultural universities being built throughout the country.

He also said that they would build a fairer system to distribute the economic gains and the wealth of the country, encouraging the development of a society that is democratic, non-nationalist and non-religion based where everyone will have equal rights including the right to practice their religion.

The Communist Party of Great Britain Marxist Leninist, Dr Ranjeet Brar explained in his speech that it has been a great pleasure to build relationships with the JVP discussed plans to improve these relationships and work together more closely. He explained that in today's world, the majority of the countries that have embraced the capitalist system have developed in a most unjust and destructive way, pushed by a system that has gone as far as it possibly can. Most of the wars in the world are religious or nationalist wars that have arisen as a result of this crude, capitalist system which not only affects and destroys humanity, but also wildlife, habitats and ecologist. This destruction is unfortunately the gifts of a capitalist system. International revolutionaries Karl Marx, Engels, Lennin, tried to show the world a better system. Dr Ranjeet concluded by calling that it is time to bring the scattered Marxist people's and nations across the world together to create one front to combat this global crisis.

Other JVP U.K. Committee speakers included Darshana Hettiarrachi, Ranjit Wijesiriwardhana and Asanga Karunadhara. Photography was by Bandula Maanage, Sujith Gunawardana and Deepti Kodithuwakku.
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