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December 18, 2017

Joint Carols Service OF Methodist College PPCA and Wesley College OBU
The Annual Joint Carols Service of Methodist College PPCA (UK) and Wesley College OBU(UK) was held on Sunday 03 December in the Chelsea Methodist Church to celebrate the birth of child Jesus. This service organised by the past pupils of the two leading Methodist educational institutions in Sri Lanka has been a regular highlight of the festive season for more than 20 years. The past pupils of the two colleges, their families and their friends irrespective of their religious beliefs have enthusiastically taken part in this event over the years. This year the Carol Service was led Pastor Keith Simpson and Rev Stanley Jeyaraj.

The service started with lighting of the advent candles by Dr Sepali Wijesinghe (President of MCPPCA) and Tyrone Namasivayam (President of Wesley College OBU). Then the congregation was warmly welcomed by Tyrone.

Ami David and Rex Devadason led the congregation in meaningful prayers of thanks giving, blessings and hope. Nira Murugananthan, Brian Arnold and Roshan Gomez read the bible verses proclaiming the coming of the Savior Jesus and his birth.

The choir of glamorous ladies from MCPPA in double blue saris supported by smart men of Wesley OBU uplifted the service and led the congregation to participate with enthusiasm in the singing. Sinhalese carol "Bethlem Pura" and Tamil carol "Yesu Rajan Piranthare" brought back fond memories of Christmas celebrations in our dear Sri Lanka. The congregation was fully appreciative of the performance of the choir and the musical accompaniment provided by those who played the instruments with high motivation.

The nativity play "Shepherd's Story" was an interesting, novel and excellent presentation reminding the congregation that the birth of Jesus was first announced to the poor and the underprivileged, a message which reinforced by Pastor Keith Simpson in his message to the congregation. The nativity play cast consisted of Nesam Navin who made a glamorous angel, Ranjith Chandrasena and John Kern who convinced the congregation that they are poor uneducated shepherds and not distinguished old boys of Wesley College.

Dr Paul David in his vote of thanks paid tribute to the efforts and contributions of several Methodist girls, Wesley boys and their friends who organised, contributed and took part in this service. He paid tribute to the excellent performance of the choir and the musicians and thanked Dama Selvadurai, Rex Devadason and Ivor Yahanpath for their organisational efforts. Paul also thanked those who made generous contributions of Sri Lankan delicacies and other refreshments for the social following the service and those who were helping with serving of the food, tea and coffee.

As in previous years, the evening was brought to a close with the social which allowed the attendees to meet and greet their friends and enjoy the lavish and delicious short eats. It was once again a joyous event to herald the festive season to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Methodist College PPCA (UK) and Wesley College OBU(UK) wish everyone the joy of Christmas and a happy, healthy 2018.
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