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November 02, 2016

Festival of Cricket 29th Annual General Meeting
After the successful Festival of Cricket (FoC) - 2016, the 29th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the FoC was held at the Rising Sun Restaurant, Sudbury Hill on the 9th October 2016. This was marked as the final day of the FoC committee 2016.

After providing exceptional leadership to colorful FoC 2016, the departing president Mr. Shiran Almeida from DS Senanayake College expressed gratitude to the subcommittee chairmen, the advisors and the general committee. Furthermore, he thanked the Secretary Mr. Krishan Bulathsinghala and the treasurer Mr. Shanaka Rodrigo for their numerous support throughout the FoC 2016.

Most precious moment of the AGM was to appoint the executive officers for the FoC 2017. Initially, Mr. Prabath Warusavithana from Dharmasoka College was appointed as the honorable Treasurer and Mr. Siano Perera from De Mazenod College was elected for the position of honorable Secretary.

Finally, as the honorable President of the FoC 2017, Mr. Ravi Raveendran of St. Benedict's College was appointed. He is one of the foremost members of the FoC, who held the position of Vice President in FoC 2016 and also contributed towards the success of FoC by holding various chairmanships in Fund Raising and Trade etc.

While expressing gratitude to the house for appointing him as the new President to lead the FOC the in 2017, Mr. Raveendran requested continued support and commitment of all the FoC members and their thirty one schools to deliver a more thriving FoC in 2017.

Further in his speech he added, "I am looking forward to working with all of you and seeing your 100% cooperation and support in delivering FOC 2017. I have taken the mission of accommodating all the new schools, giving more prominence to cricket, working on creating a methodical set standard for the future and creating a new generation of FOC to lead the FOC in the future."

"I am planning to identify individual talents amongst the members, as well as finding a new form of long term funding and securing the ground facilities for the coming years. This includes creating a team which will look after the logistics of the event for the next year (FOC development executive). So let's work as one big family and be professional."

FoC has grown remarkably over the last 27 years to be the biggest Sri Lankan festival outside Sri Lanka with the aim of enhancing peace, harmony and togetherness of Sri Lankan community in the UK through cricket while supporting the 31 membership schools and charities by raising funds.

Praneeth Hettiarachchi / FoC Media
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New Executive Officers
Hon. Treasurer - Mr. Prabath Warusavithana
Hon. President - Mr. Ravi Raveendran / Hon. Secretary - Mr. Siano Perera
Hon. President - Mr. Ravi Raveendran
Hon. Secretary - Mr. Siano Perera
Hon. Treasurer - Mr. Prabath Warusavithana
Hon. President - Mr. Ravi Raveendran addressing the gathering.
Hon. President - Mr. Ravi Raveendran addressing the gathering
FOC 2016 President Mr. Shiran Almeida Congratulating
FoC newly appointed President Mr. Ravi Raveendran
Hon. Secretary 2016 - Krishan Bulathsinghala / Hon. Treasurer 2016 - Mr. Shanaka Rodrigo
Hon. President 2016 - Shiran Almeida / Hon. President 2017 - Mr. Ravi Raveendran
Hon. Secretary 2017 - Mr. Siano Perera / Hon. Treasurer 2017 - Mr. Prabath Warusavithana
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