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June 28, 2017
Father's Day Special Service at Bethany Church
It was the Father's Day Special Service at Bethany Church Southall on Sunday 18th June 2017 was a blessing. Which was held at St. John's Church, hosted by Doctor Reverend Anna Paulson, With guest speaker Mayor of Ealing Simon Woodroofe and the Mayor's Consort, Mrs Valerie Woodroofe, the day was filled with prayer, love and joy.

The service started with praise and worship lead by the Bethany music team. Reverend T.M.I Sathiyaraj welcomed the congregation and honoured the Councillor Mayor and his wife for their attendance on such short notice. Adorning the Mayor of Ealing and his wife by garlanding in a traditional manner. The church rose to their feet to show their respect to the humble couple.

Doctor Reverend Anna Paulson was also adorned with a garland and welcomed by the leaders and congregation to the service. Bethany Church has got the spirit always to welcome in love. It was a great privilege and honor for Bethany Church to be hosted by Doctor Reverend Anna Paulson. Doctor Reverend Anna Paulson mentioned that she is blessed by this Fathers Day Service. Bethany Church is so much grateful to Doctor Reverend Anna Paulson.

The message from the Word of God was delivered by Pastor Chrishanthy Sathiyaraj about the importance of a Father's role in the community and at home; being a loving husband and honouring his family. Taking scriptures from Genesis 24:63, Pastor Chrishanthy preached up a storm and tears fell from the congregations eyes as they felt the presence of God. Her main objective at the end of the sermon was to bring the churches together, along with the special guests to pray for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire blaze. As the tangible presence of God came into the room, hearts and voices rose together, as a community in prayer, speaking out healing, peace, comfort and joy over the lives lost and the lives mourning a loss. Senior Pastor TMI Sathiyaraj and his daughter Stephanie lead us in prayer.

As Father's Day came to an end, Bethany Church served a fantastic meal on traditional Sri Lankan Banana Leaf with ice lollies to top it all off.

It is an evident that Bethany Church of God's Tamil service was not built on sinking sand. They have weathered many storms and continue to go from strength to strength as a family serving their community so that everyone experiences the love of God.
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