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October 31, 2017
Congratulations Evanjelin Rajakaruna!
Miss Teen Great Britain 2017/18
Miss Evanjelin Elchmanar Rajakaruna was crowned as Miss Teen Great Britain 2017/18 on the 24th October 2017 at The Grand Imperial Hotel, Blackpool.

Over fifty girls from across Great Britain competed for the crown as well as an amazing selection of prizes. Evanjalin managed to win in this big field of contestants competing for the reigning title of pageant queen and the chance to move on to the International competitions.

Newslanka asked Evanjalin to tell us her story and about why she likes beauty pageants and how she started competing in them. 'My name is Evanjelin Francia and my parents are from Sri Lanka, my mother is Sinhalese from Balapitiya and my father is from Kalmunai.

I was born in France on Christmas day 2000 and also I am "The First Christmas day in The Millennium Year" baby.

My mother, my two brothers and I moved to England when I was just 6 months old. My mother had a very hard time as a single mother to bring us up.

I studied at a Catholic school and one day one of my mother's friends, called Mary, suggested that I should go in to beauty pageants as she thought that I was a 'beautiful' girl. Mary always describes me as having a beautiful models figure.

She decided to enroll me in to beauty pageants and put in the application for Miss Teen United Kingdom.

My first time experience of beauty pageants was in 2014 and I was in the top 10 out of the 70 girls who completed the pageant. I was very excited and enjoyed it very much.

The second competition was in 2015 and my Aunty, Sandya Hettiarachchi, sent in my application to join Miss Junior Teen Great Britain.

There I became second runner up, Miss Elegance in Great Britain in 2015/16.

For my 3rd competition, I entered Miss Junior Teen Great Britain and I won the First Runner Up, Miss Elegance, Miss Photogenic and also the Charity Award where I raised over £3,000 "The Together For The Short Lives".

After that, the organisers promoted me to represent The Midlands as Miss Teen Midlands.

This time I won the whole competition across the UK with the title of "Miss Teen Great Britain". I won both the awards of "Best Queen of Interview" and "Miss Teen Great Britain 2017/18".

I am very proud that I am the first girl of my nationality and my heritage to win this type of pageant competition.

I have lots of support from my family, Sandya Aunty, my friends, fans from all ethnicities who give me great support.

I have raised money for charities like: Alzheimer, Breast Cancer, The Together For Short Lives and Anti-Bullying.

I am really dedicated with the anti-bullying as I have experienced it myself and want to help others to get through it.

I am also a multi-talented girl who is sporty, does art and sings. I am currently studying 3 A-levels in Art and Design, Geography and English Literature.

I also got very good results in my GCSE'S as I came out with A's and B's.

I am very proud of my family, especially my two brothers, my mom and our Sandya Aunty who I look up to and are my inspirations.'

Newslanka would like to wish Evanjelin and her family all the best.
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