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May 29, 2017

Establishment of PeMSAA - UK
Peradeniya Medical School (PeMS) was the second medical college to open in Sri Lanka in1962. Until then, there was only one medical school in Sri Lanka which was situated in Colombo. PeMS was constructed in a salubrious environment opposite the world famous Peradeniya Botanical Gardens and within the already established Peradeniya University Campus grounds.

The first batch of medical students entered PeMS in January 1962 and they graduated as doctors in 1967. Since then, thousands of Sri Lankan doctors obtained their medical degrees from this establishment. A significant number of these doctors came to the UK and underwent post-graduate training to specialise in varied branches of medicine. Some of them went back to the motherland while others got permanent jobs here in the NHS and the private sector. Some are now retired and living here as UK citizens. A group of such Sri Lankan doctors working/living in the UK got together in January this year to form Peradeniya Medical School Alumni Association in the UK (PeMSAA - UK) which has the blessing of the PeMS staff and the current students in Sri Lanka.

The purpose and aspiration of PeMSAA - UK would be to network and to share the scientific knowledge, clinical skills and educational values with PeMS to support the undergraduate and postgraduate students and the teachers in Sri Lanka. An Interim Executive Committee (IEC) has been formed to take its activities forward. Its first annual general meeting (AGM) when the IEC will be ratified by its members will be held on 17 June at 5 pm at Hilton Watford. PeMSAA - UK has plans to have its Inaugural Ball 2017 at Hilton Watford the same evening from 6 pm until 12 midnight. The chief guest of the Ball will be Prof T Varagunum who was Professor of Medicine at PeMS for many years. We are expecting 250 - 270 guests to take part in this event.

The PeMSAA - UK Interim Executive Committee :
President : Dr Krish T Radhakrishnan
Vice President : Dr S Nagendran
Secretaries : General. Mr Abey Abeysekera; Asst. Dr Uditha Jayatunga; Academic. Prof Swaminathan; Social. Dr T Maheswaran
Treasurer : Dr Thilak Rathnayake; Asst. Dr Sandya Theminimulle
Editor/Webmaster : Dr Mike Isweran
Committee Members : Drs Thiru Jesudasan, Edmund Ranasinghe, Theva Nathan, Ranjit Rajalingam, Sri SriKumar, Ratnakumari Pushparajah, Yogeswari Kurunathalingam, A Sripathy, Aruni Molagoda

Website of PeMSAA - UK is under construction at present. The best contact details in the interim would be through the E-mail address : pemsaa.uk@gmail.uk

Text - supplied by Dr Edmund Ranasinghe, FRCPath. (Publicity Committee Member)
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