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Donate to Save Sri Lankan Kidney Patients
Samastha Lanka Kidney Patients Association, the Oldest Kidney Association in Sri Lanka, has done a tremendous work to uplift the quality of care for Sri Lankan kidney patients by:

1. Launching 13 educational kidney books for Sri Lanka.
2. Helping kidney patients by arranging dialysis treatment.
3. Helping transplanted patients by providing funds for expensive treatments.
4. Actively participated to purchase a machine to medical research institute which tests cyclosporine and tacrolimus levels of the blood in transplanted patients.
5. Maintain several sticker projects in the various parts in the country to health educate the general public & to collect funds to support kidney patients.
6. Prepared a special identity card for kidney patients and gave them a pleasant acceptance in the society.
7. Educating the kidney patients about available resources that they can get support.
8. Provision of financial and moral support for funerals of the kidney patients.
9. Provision of transport costs of the kidney patients when they come from rural areas for clinics and dialysis.
10. Admiring people and organizations who support kidney patients.
11. Provision of dialysis consumables ( filters, dialysis solution, dialysis tubes, fistula needles ) for kidney patients when needed.
12. Maintain a stock of medicine which are needed for kidney patients.
13. Educating, Guiding and encouraging of kidney patients.
14. Maintaining a dialogue with the health authorities to provide solutions to the problems of kidney patients.
15. Always representing every kidney patient in the country.
16. Developed an educational web site which will be useful for kidney patients (www.samasthalankakidneypatients.lk) first time in Sri Lanka.
17. Educating Sri Lankan society about rapidly increasing kidney diseases.
18. Encouraging kidney patients to involve in their religious activities to obtain blessings & spiritual support.
19. Provide free special nephrology consultation services for kidney patients.
20. Introducing a very successful insurance scheme for kidney patients for the first time in Sri Lanka.
21. Printing & distributing educational leaflets among kidney patients.
22. Establishing a mobile phone SMS system to educate general public about kidney disease.
23. Developing a special telecommunication package for kidney patients in association with Dialog.
24. Launching the first educational kidney news paper "Wakugaduwa".

Please visit and web site for more details we value your support to support our kidney patients.

Samastha Lanka Kidney Patients Association,
Cotta Road,
Colombo 08,
Sri Lanka.

Tele - 0113092900
Web - www.samasthalankakidneypatients.lk
E-mail - slkpasiteowner@gmail.com
BOC A/C No. - 72698735
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