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November 21, 2016

Devi PPA (UK) 25th Anniversary Ball
Devians and their friends celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Past Pupils Association (UK) on Saturday 5th November at the Holiday Inn, Wembley. Following the reception and mingling, guests moved to the Empire Suite and took their seats at the tables elegantly decorated with pink roses, lisianthus and carnations. Mrs Karunaseeli Somasiri's lively compering before dinner and also during the lull moments when the musicians - Denzil & The Breeze - were off stage was welcomed by all. Everyone enjoyed the sumptuous starters and Asian buffet whilst rekindling old friendships and making new friends.

Following dinner, the President Dr Harshi Boralessa, reminisced on the formation of the PPA and its activities, which has enabled us to support not just Devi Balika & Devians in Sri Lankan universities, but also to provide a support network for the alumnae domiciled in the UK. She said that the proceeds from the Anniversary Ball would enable us to continue to provide up to 18 undergraduates with Bursaries throughout their tenure, and enable them to achieve their career goals. Mrs Dilrukshi Fernando followed with an impromptu tribute to our surprised Secretary Karunaseeli for being the binding force of the Association.

Denzil & The Breeze changed tempo for dancing. The dance opened to the melodious strains of a waltz. In no time, the atmosphere was electric. With Suresh's intimate style of singing, the dance floor got filled up very rapidly.

A good turnout of young Devians changed the character of the evening, Denzil's repertoire of music allowed wonderful displays of a range of Latin American and Ballroom dances on the floor. Then it was time for the raffle organised by Mrs Ruki Wijayasinghe. Mrs Indrani Peiris - the first lawyer from Devi Balika and the most senior Devian in the UK- gave away the prizes to the lucky winners.

Denzil & The Breeze changed the pace for the final session of dancing and had everyone gyrating to the baila well past midnight. It was then time for a sentimental journey with the singing of the school anthem, followed by the Sri Lankan national anthem and finally the British national anthem.

It was good to see Devians of all ages from near and far (both the USA and Sri Lanka) at the dinner-dance, a fitting tribute to the PPA's 25th Anniversary. Dr Malathie Peiris, Vice-President, delivered the Vote of Thanks valuing the input from the committee in making this a memorable occasion.

Dr Shihan de Silva
PPA Devi Balika (UK)
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