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December 22, 2017
Dayada 2018
Dayada; a word that is so familiar to the Ceylonese ear. It signifies giving to others. And in our case to the helpless kidney patients back home who are struggling to eke out every possibility of surviving hours, days or if lucky even months so that they might have a chance of enjoying the luxuries that we have. By luxuries we mean the most basic things in life such as ability to go to work, have a family, enjoy meals and above all to not worry about a tomorrow.

Born in a country that cannot support its people, the responsibility falls on us to look after our very own. So we got together to form the Sri Lankan Kidney Foundation (SLK Foundation) here in the UK to provide continuous support the struggling kidney patients back home. We initially started as a group of people supporting dialysis kits/treatments, and erythropoietin injections. Overtime, we started contributing towards their personal lives by sponsoring religious pilgrimages, food, transport and lodging. As the kidney patients continuously get corned in society due to their inabilities, we help them start their own small businesses from home allowing them to fulfil their financial needs. We have also sent shipments in aid of the displaced during the 2 recent floods.

In addition, the SLK Foundation's inaugural fundraiser was held in 2017; Dayada 2017 at Nottingham. It was a huge success as we managed to raise over £2200.00 to provide Dialysis treatments and Erythropoietin injections to over 100 patients. With so much reception for this good cause, Dayada 2018 has been upscaled.

We will be hosting a dinner dance at the Kashmir Suite at the City Conference and Banqueting Centre in Nottingham on the 17th of February 2018 from 5.30 pm onwards. The evening will feature the rocking legendary Sri Lankan Artist Chitral Somapala from Germany to entertain the crowd along with Exceed, the leading Sri Lankan band in the UK. Furthermore, an authentic Sri Lankan Buffet will add to this already decorative event.

Most importantly, the evening will be filled with presentations, videos and various events to raise awareness about the kidney problem in Sri Lanka. It will provide the attendees with plenty of opportunities to set-up monthly donations, to contribute dialysis treatments, erythropoietin injections and a platform to personally meet the kidney patients in Sri Lanka during their holidays to see the real impact they are making through a simple donation.

Please do get in touch with us to get to know more about our foundation and please do not hesitate to contact us at our email. Thank you very much for your co-operation!

Official Facebook Page - Dayada@SLKFoundationUK
Official Website - http://samasthalankakidneypatients.lk/
Official Email - slkfoundation@hotmail.com
Contacts - Chamara Perera 078 14207555 Roshendra Abewickrama 079 08138769
Theekshana Win 07975805099 Anushka Navaratne 077 17633177
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