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February 10, 2017
Only the JVP can save Sri Lanka that has been dragged down to the
precipice of destruction during the last 69 years
This is stated by Sri Lankans living in the UK who rally with the JVP
They made their voices heard participating in seminars and friendly gatherings organized by the JVP Committee in the UK. The seminars were held with the participation of the Information Secretary of the JVP Comrade Vijitha Herath.

The occasions held in North London, East London and Birmingham were attended by a large crowd seen never before in any event organized by the JVP Committee in the UK. It is significant that members and supporters of JHU were among the Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim as well as Burgher masses that participated at the events enthusiastically.


The friendly gathering held at Trinity Center at Eastham on 27.01.2017 was organized with the sponsorship of S. Sivalingam, Mohmmed Marzook and Fouzer, three activists of the old left.

The Tamil and Muslim masses that participated in the gathering apprised the participants their pathetic experiences and difficulties they undergo in the Northern and the Eastern parts of Sri Lanka with feelings as they have no support or sympathy from anyone.

Comrade Vijitha Herath addressing them said the two capitalist political parties that have ruled the country until now as well as leaders of political parties representing Tamil and Muslim masses in the Northern, Eastern and the estate sector used communalism to come to power only, once they had power forgot the masses who voted for them and grabbed ministerial and other positions and privileges to have a good life of their own. He said masses in those areas suffered from a 30 year war and despite the war has been ended the masses continue to suffer but the rulers as well as Tamil and Muslim political leaders who have refused to learn lessons from past experiences, continue to promote communalism, put forward so-called solutions that pushes the country towards separatism and that please western imperialist countries and India. These solutions are not just and fair solutions that would promote national unity and consensus. The so-called solutions based on the 13th amendment to the Constitution do not help to develop the country and the JVP that foresaw social and political destruction that would take place as a result opposed it and struggled against it said Comrade Vijitha Herath.

He pointed out that it has been practically proved that the provincial council system introduced from the 13th amendment is not a solution for the national question and state administration and added that the constitution that was introduced in 1978 and has been amended 19 times should be replaced by a new constitution. He said the new constitution should be impartial for all Sri Lankans without any partiality to religion, race, language or region. Comrade Vijitha Herath said the JVP expects the support of all Sri Lankans living in foreign countries to create an administration that protects the uniqueness of cultural and religious identities in Sri Lanka and endows a higher human generation to the world.


The seminar organized in Birmingham was held at Holloway Hall at Northfield on 28.01.2017 and was organized with the support of Shantha Perera, who acted as the organizer of the SLFP for some time and activists of the UNP, SLFP and the JVP including Lalith Amunethanna, Palitha Bandra (Saman), Upali Siriwardene, Deemantha Weeraratna. What was significant was that many who were not members of the JVP rallied with the organizers to make it a success. Representatives of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) were also present to extend their support.

Comrade Vijitha Herath addressing the gathering said People defeated Rajapaksa family rule on 8th January, 2015 expecting the new rulers to make a big change in the country. Among the election promises they gave were to arrest the Rajapaksa clique that committed large scale frauds, to take over the large amount of money stolen from the people and to strictly enforce the relevant laws. Also among the unending promises the present government gave the people at the elections were to carry out investigations regarding murders, abductions, disappearances, large scale frauds and corruption, to take legal action and punish the perpetrators, to stop selling national assets and resources, to widen production, to give relief to people, bring up living conditions of the people and establish 'good governance'.

However, making history repeat again, the present government began from where Rajapaksas stopped, started robbing, carried out frauds, corruption and suppression and made a massive contribution to carry out the biggest plunder of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Now, the government is getting ready to sell people's assets and resources to China and India. Meanwhile, cost of living has been increased by levying various taxes and fines. Just as the debt incurred by Rajapaksas destroyed the economy of the country, Ranil - Maithri government has loaded the debt burden on the shoulders of the people while giving tax concessions for large scale businessmen. It is evident that throughout history the two political parties of the capitalist class and the so-called old left plodded the same old path which leads the country towards destruction. Now, the time has come for us Sri Lankans to shed all differences to save ourselves from the misery of the capitalist system. The only alternative force that could do this and win confidence of the masses is the JVP said Comrade Vijitha Herath and called upon all forces to rally with the broad alliance headed by the JVP that will be created at the 2020 election. He said Sri Lankans living in foreign countries could play a vital role in this endeavour.

The Representative of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) Comrade Macy said the wars and ethnic conflicts that surface, environmental destructions, crises in their social systems in capitalist countries maintained arbitrarily and deception indicate capitalist system cannot go any further. The struggles that are essential for a global scale are taking place throughout the world in various appearances, they have surfaces as embryos of socialist social system and militant, genuine parties and forces such as the JVP should come forward to overcome the challenges. The JVP and the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) would in the future act towards one objective, which is to become shareholders of a Socialist social system. Comrade Darshana Hettiarachchi, the Organizer of the JVP Committee in the UK and Lalith Amunethanna and Shantha Perera also addressed the gathering.

JVP Social gathering (London Kingsbury)

The JVP Social Gathering held at Youth and Social Center on the Mall Avenue at Kingsbury in London on 29.01.2017 was an entirely a significant gathering. It was held as a political and musical gathering by the JVP Committee in the UK sans liquor or cigarettes and was a meaningful event with political discussions and meaningful patriotic songs. Among the invitees were many who had not been members of the JVP. There were many activists of the UNP, SLFP, JHU, SLMC and several activists from Tamil political parties. While the guests were enjoying sweetmeats and friendly discussions Comrade Vijitha Herath made a great effort to have a word with all the participants moving from one group to another. He was also keen to answer all the questions the guests put to him. What was very special was the presence of Comrade Ella Rule, Vice President of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) representing the head office of the party and its Central Committee Member Comrade Dr. Ranjeet Baar who participated with their children. Also, the presence of the wife of Comrade Upatissa Gamanayaka, a beloved and heroic Leader of the JVP, Comrade Karuna Gamanayaka and her daughter was welcomed by all those who were present. Everyone accepted that the gathering was an event of brotherhood, unity and merriment that was a symbol of the life that would be under a future JVP administration. All those who were present expressed their total support for the future activities of the JVP.

The Conducting of the event was Comrade Ranjith Wijesiriwardene and the objective of the event and the participants were thanked by Comrade Darshana Hettiarachchi.

Photographs by Sujith Gunawardene, Saman Thenuwara and Stalingrad O'Neill .
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