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July 13, 2018
Comrade Anura Kumara Dissanayaka addressed
successful rallies around the Europe including UK
Comrade Anura Kumara Dissanayake, the leader of the People's Liberation Front (JVP) and the main organizer of the opposition of Sri Lanka addressed several public seminars during the last week in Europe including UK regarding the 20th amendment to the constitution of Sri Lanka. The seminars in UK organized by the JVP committee of the UK in various places including London Wembley, Birmingham, were successful and masses of patriotic people were participated.

He explained that there were 19 amendments to the constitution in the past but, there had been no discussions regarding the content with the public and the people were not aware of their content and even their existence. This is the first time in the history such an amendment is widely discussed with the people. The main and the genuine intention of the amendment is to abolish the executive presidency, preserve democracy and to establish a parliament centred ruling system which is responsible for the whole nation.

He further stated that we have been as tribes or clans under a single tribal leader in the old days when we had been in the subsistence society. The human society moved forward due to the improvement of the implements of labour and the dedication of masses of working class towards a better and more democratic society. As a result, many countries exercise different modes of ruling systems in the world such as parliamentary system and executive presidential system but not without any controversy. However, they have enough of examples over the 40 years of executive presidency to prove that not only it has brought about serious threat to the functioning of the judiciary, legislation and the cabinet but also it has violated the constitution too.

"The executive presidency has got unlimited powers and interferes with the sovereignty of the parliament and judiciary and, the appointments of high officials such as chief justice. It has made the tripartite system of the government is powerless. Unfortunately, we can not question any action carried out or decision taken by the executive president" said the comrade Dissanayaka.

He reiterated that they had to suffer more than thirty years due to the war and lost thousands of lives. Ethno- religious election campaigns centred around the executive presidency to come into power had destroyed and have still been destroying the harmonious relationship between ethnic groups and various religious groups. The artificial patriotism based on such themes to win the Sinhales majority by the Rajapaksha faction provoked extremist groups resulting in unfortunate recent incidents against Muslims in few areas of the country. However, some politicians who have no future without the backup of the executive presidency try to create a phantom saying that it is a treat to the integrity of the country. Furthermore, he stated, they have proven in the history that the JVP is the only party always tried to defeat extremism and dedicated to unit all ethnicities as the Sri Lankan nation which is paramount important as a leftist party.

Similarly, it was explained that all the successive Sri Lankan governments have failed to establish the economy, get into fair foreign trade agreements and stand against the imperialist powers. Government debt as a percent of GDP is nearly 80% and the deficit was always compensated by selling economic hotspots and natural resources suppressing the oppression of clear majority of the public by using the powers of executive presidency. They have surrendered in front of the powerful nations in the world for money given for their personal agendas and went into trade agreements clearly harmful to the country. Ultimately, powerful countries have proven that it is easy to buy the executive president to implement their devastating economic projects in the country!

Furthermore, he called to mind how liberty and democracy were violated in the country due to the direct influence of the executive powers. Throughout in the history, journalists were killed, mass media institutions were destroyed, people those who raised voices against the injustice were jailed or killed.

Then he mentioned few salient points in the draft. He recited that according to the 20th amendment, the president will be elected from the parliament and not by a presidential election, the term is equal to the term of the parliament which is five years, during the tenure of office the president should not hold any position of a political party nor could be a member of any political party and he will not be the head of the government too.

Finally, he said, "however, we all know that the abolition of executive presidency or 20th amendment to the constitution will not give answer to the all the problems created by the failing system such as economic backwardness, income inequality, high crime and suicidal rates in the country and crises in health and the education systems. This time, we all should fight and raise awareness among people to pass the amendment and get some benefits within the current system. At the same time, we all should consciously participate and rally around JVP to create a better society as this is the only party in Sri Lanka which has the commitment, dedication and the capability to change the system".
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