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June 14, 2017
Brother and sister have art exhibition
Sanuli and Sanuka Kudaligama are both pupils at St. Anne's Catholic Primary School, Wrexham. Sanuli is a year 6 pupil and Sanuka is year 4.

The children have been encouraged by their parents, Aruna Kudaligama and Irosha Pathberiya.

The proud parents described their childrens' interest in the arts. 'They are both interested in the arts but in particular poetry and painting. Much of their leisure time is dedicated to art and poetry and they find much pleasure in this.

Even though we were aware of both of their talents at an early age it became more apparent when both children took part in an art workshop for pupils and parents at the school.

Sanuka's first real painting (water colours) was of such a high standard his teacher thought it was his father's work.'

Aruna and Irosha appreciate the hard work and dedication of all staff at St. Anne's. They had nurtured and developed both children's talents and made them a part of the wider school life. Recently the school foyer was updated and Sanuli and Sanuka were asked to paint mottos and pictures to be framed and displayed.

'The children have also developed their talents and techniques by participating in art session led by Oriel Wrexham.

The parents' main aim in encouraging this exhibition was to help further improve their talents and help to give a message to society that children can grow and nurture their talents in art and poetry as opposed to only seeing technology as a pastime.

Children are becoming increasingly dependent on technology and less interested in the simple pleasures of life. We feel if more children become involved in the joy of art there would be less anti-social behaviour.

We as parents believe that the foundation that are laid at an early age create a child's future. This art exhibition attempts to build up Sanuli's and Sanuka's self-esteem, character and positive attitudes. We hope this will help them become valued members of society recognised for what they do. We also hope it will encourage other parents to nurture their children's talents to make a more settled and beautiful world for everyone.
Wrexham Candidate Mr. Ian Lucas and Mrs. Lucas
cut the ribbon and open the "Our World" art exhibition.
The headteacher Mrs. Priest Jones, Assistant headteacher Mrs. Claire stephens
and some teachers participated for this event and delivered their speeches.
With Wrexham Candidate Mr. Ian Lucas, Mrs. Ian Lucas, Headteacher Mrs. Priest Jones,
Assistant headteacher Mrs. Claire Stephens, teachers and friends.
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