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February 06, 2017
Appreciation of Dr Freddy Jurampathy
FOC President 1998
Sri Lankans in UK lost one of the most loved members of the Sri Lankan community on the 6th of December when Dr Ferhad (Freddy) Jurampathy left this troubled world to find peace in the next.

Freddy was one of the few School Cricketers who entered the highly competitive Ceylon University Medical College and duly became a very successful Doctor. He came to Great Britain in 1979 and became a much loved General Practitioner in Wood Green London England. His funeral was attended by over 500 including a vast number of his patients who adored him, a testimony to how much he was loved.

I first met Freddy about 1993 when he was the representative from Zahira College Colombo, the foremost Muslim College in Sri Lanka, to the Festival of Cricket Combined Committee. He soon established himself as a very popular member of the FOC Committee. His popularity was such that in 1995 when I was elected President of the FOC, Freddy was appointed Sub Committee Chairman in Charge of Hospitality. Those were the days we had the best of Sri Lanka Cricketers playing the SR Gent International Cavaliers team, the best of the rest of the world. Sri Lanka team was Captained by Arjuna Ranatunga and the International team by the former England Captain Chris Cowdry.

It was no mean task as the crowd exceeded 10,000, thanks to Freddy's efforts we had a carefully controlled Hospitality Marquee. He imposed strict discipline, those days no one was given any free meals. I and my wife, as the President, had to pay for our Lunch. The Managing Director of SR Gent Michael Stakol brought 20 guests and paid for all, although the Company was the main sponsor of the Festival. Freddy accounted for all the Lunches provided which was a tremendous success. It was a record year and a record surplus went to all the participating schools.

Freddy continued as Sub Committee chairman, in 1996 when Rohan De Zoysa was President and Publicity PR and Souvenir Sub Committee Chairman when Hilary De Soysa was President in 1997. Freddie became the President in 1998 the 10th Anniversary of FOC. It was a very successful Festival due to the untiring work done by Freddy and his Committee. He went on to be a Sub Committee Chairman in the year 1999.

He continued to be a great friend to the Sri Lankan community. He was a great singer especially Sri Lanka Baila. He brought happiness and laughter where ever he went.

He leaves behind very much loved wife Shan, Son Dr Rashad and Daughters Aneesha and Maisha.
~~ May he enjoy eternal bliss ~~

Lakhi Liyanage
President FOC 1995
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