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November 13, 2017
Annual Kathina Celebrations at Heathrow Athula Dassana
International Buddhist Vihara - 29th October 2017
The Kathina Ceremony is one of the biggest Buddhist festivals and is regarded as highly meritorious and significantly blissful. The Ceremony is held to mark the end of the annual three-month spiritual rainy retreat, observed by venerable monks residing at the Vihara.

This year's Annual Kathina Ceremony of the Heathrow Athula Dassana International Buddhist Vihara (Heathrow Vihara) was held on the 28th and 29th November 2017. This was the 6th consecutive Katina Ceremony of the Vihara.

The Vas Aradhana at Heathrow Vihara was performed on Saturday 8th of July 2017, on the Esala Full Moon Poya Day by Mr. Thilak Wijesinghe and Mrs. Kavmudi Wijesinghe, Mr. Lucky Wijerathne and Mrs, Renuka Wijerathne, Mr. Channa Kohomange and Mrs. Prasandika Kohomange, Mr. Indrajith Alwis and Dr. Thushani Alwis, Mr. Nadeera Kahatapitiya and Mrs. Piyumi Kahatapitiya, Mr. Miran Madapatha and Mrs. Natasha Madapatha, Mr. Chandana Mahanama and Mrs. Chamali Mahanama; together with the other lay devotees of the temple.

On the 29th (Sunday) at 5am the Kathina day commenced with the materials for the Kathina robe being brought to the Vihara by the Katina sponsors and other devotees of the temple before the sun rising in morning. The Kathina Robe was carried on their heads in a large colourful Kathina procession and offered to the monks by the devotees with deep devotion and all the participants. The Kathina robe was offered to Most Ven. Borelle Athula Thero and Ven. Wanduraba Kassapa Thero who explained the significance of offering a Kathina Robe.

The presence of a fourteen venerable Buddhist monks representing Viharas around the UK and Sri Lanka was very exceptional. Among them were Most Ven. Borelle Athula Thero, Most Ven Wanduramba Kassapa Thero, Most Ven. Gonulle Assagi Thero, Most Ven Dediyawala Wimala Thero, Most Ven Kevitiyagala Jinasiri Thero, Most Ven Baddegama Dammika thero, Most Ven Great Britain Kassapa Thero, Most Ven Kanthale Vijithwansa Thero, Most Ven Panamure Thapassi Thero, Most Ven Mativiliye Dhammananda Thero, Most Ven. Baddegama Jinananda Thero, Most Ven Dodangoda Sumedha Thero, Most Ven Vilegoda sri wimala thero and Most Ven. Dombawela Amitha Thero.

The Kathina Chivara Pujava (Kathina Robe offering Ceremony) took place at 2pm with the Kathina Robe being brought in a very colourful and elegant procession to the ceremonial hall. Once the offering was made to the participating Sangha, they unanimously decided to nominate Ven Dodangoda Sumedha Thero as the most suitable to receive the Katina Chivara.

It was evident that everyone had appreciated the colourfully organised, highly attended (over 500 devotees) and very spiritual Kathina Ceremony. The Kathina sponsors were extremely grateful for the head of the Heathrow Athula Dassana International Buddhist Vihara Ven. Wanduramba Kassapa Thero for his advice and guidance and everyone who helped in various ways to make this year's Kathina Ceremony a success and to all who participated in the Kathina Pooja.
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