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April 07, 2017
Adam Amarasinghe crowned the IMMAF European Champion
Adam Amarasinghe, the Windsor based, amateur MMA fighter managed to win the gold medal at the 2017 IMMAF European Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Adam is the son of Rohan Amarasinghe and youngest brother of Daniel and Dean. Dean is a renowned MMA coach and former TUF competitor.

Adam has established his own notoriety within the UK scene, holding an undefeated amateur record of 5-0, including 3 first round stoppages, and now, he has medals at the world level.

"I think it was through word of mouth," Adam said, when asked how he discovered the IMMAF amateur platform. "My coach (Dean) and my team mates were talking about it and I jumped at the opportunity to compete in a competition like this".

"Dean plays a massive role in my training, I'm really blessed to have someone that covers all areas of my game. I have other coaches that specialise in different areas but Dean is the one that puts it all together for me. We are always working on game plans, goal setting and technique. As we are so close as brothers we have a great working relationship in the gym and I know that every decision being made is in my best interest so I really couldn’t ask for more."

Adam feels that the experience of his brother Dean has opened doors and exposed him to a wiser perception of athletic development, lending to his enthusiasm for amateur development and establishing himself as a formidable champion with no pressure or eagerness to turn pro ahead of the perfect moment.

"Using Dean's career as a platform we've been able to use the positives and avoid the negatives in helping my career to take off. I've never felt like I need to rush in to going pro and I know that lots of fighters do and quickly realise they aren't ready. I have every confidence in my ability and what I am going to achieve but there's a certain level of experience that I want to have under my belt before I go pro."

Unlike the singular amateur bouts that newcomers such as Adam are used to, with agreed opponents scheduled in advance, the international IMMAF tournaments presented a unique nation vs. nation format with all team members ready to face a wealth of potential opponents from around the world on a schedule of back-to-back fights across multiple days. Success demands the very best of each standout martial artist.

In his Gold medal match against Mario Moreno of Portugal, Adam was competing in his fourth fight in as many days, but he showed little signs of weariness and set about his work quickly in round one after a brief pause for a low blow.

The Brit utilised his outstanding grappling and wrestling skills and midway through the first round pushed Moreno up against the cage and slammed him to the mat.

Amarasinghe controlled his man down on the ground and rode out the rest of the round in top position. A similar pattern followed in round two and it took Amarasinghe only half a minute to slam the Portuguese fighter down to the mat again.

Moreno simply had no answer to the Brit's ground game and Amarasinghe fired in short sharp shots to the head and body while giving him no opportunity to escape.

With two rounds in the bag Amarasinghe could have played it safe, but yet again he worked his way into distance nicely with his strikes to get the takedown in the third.

Moreno briefly threatened 30 seconds from the end when he wriggled out and unloaded strikes, but Amarasinghe took them well and tied his man up again against the cage to see out the round.

When the full nine minutes were over everyone inside the arena knew who’d won and the unanimous decision for the Brit shortly followed.

It was yet another composed and dominant performance by Amarasinghe who showed guile and fight IQ beyond his years.

Speaking after, Adam was delighted to have won the gold for the UK and fulfil a promise to a friend he lost two years ago.

'I told you I was going to get that gold,' Adam said.

'I did it for Chris, I've been thinking about him all week'.
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