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July 31, 2017
A Fundraising Event for Scholarships: Devi Balika High Tea
Sunday 16 July was a perfect afternoon for the countryside. Past pupils of Devi BalikaOld Devians had their annual High Tea at Brentwood in the beautiful garden of Dr Harshi Boralessa.

More than 60 guests attended; all ladies, both guests and hosts, in a variety of colourful hats made of straw and various colourful materials. Everyone was treated to a welcome drink, a punch thoughtfully made by Joint Secretary, Mrs Ruki Wijayasinghe, in both non-alcoholic and alcoholic formulae, thoughtfully made by Joint Secretary, Mrs Ruki Wijayasinghe. The Tea started off with starters - canápes, kiwi and strawberry and mousse. (kiwi and strawberry).

The President, Dr Malathie Peiris, welcomed the guests and reminded everyone that the purpose of the event was to raise funds for the Scholarships project.

Dr Kusum Subasinghe, a past pupil of Devi and singer, and her husband Dr Gnanes Subasinghe, a well-known musician in the diaspora, provided the musical entertainment for the evening. Past pupil Dr Shihan de Silva, had carefully selectedpicked songs for the sing-along in order to bring back memories of our youth and motherland.

A slight drizzle sent the sent the guests indoors but was an ideal and provided an opportunity to network in a more cosy set up whilst enjoying the main part of the Tea - fusion food: cutlets, patties, Chinese rolls, variety of sandwiches, cous cous salad, tuna with salsa verde, quiche, tTomatoes, basil, mozzarella on cocktail sticks. The sun began to shine again and the music and singing, both popular and folk songs, continued outdoors. Re-energised with the Teafood, the guests took to sainging the more familiar vibrant bailas. Soon which got everyone got off their chairs and. Soon the verdant green grass turned into a perfect dance floor; the swaying, dancing and clapping continued until it was time for cakes, strawberries and ice-cream followed by cups of Sri Lankan tea.

Mrs Indrani Perieeris, a retired lawyer and the oldest Devian in the UK, was invited to draw the lucky numbers of the Raffle. The event brought the older Devians closer to the younger Devians. Devians displayed t, displaying their power of team efforts in fundraising funds for girls who received the same excellent education as themselves but who are less fortunate financially and are are struggling to continue their further education in Sri Lankan universities.

Dr Shihan de Silva
Devi Balika PPA
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