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April 05, 2017
The Sri Lanka Women's Association held it's 68th Annual General Meeting on 25th March 2017 at the Sri Lanka High Commission. It was very well attended by the Members of the Association. Guests included the President of the Commonwealth Countries League and a representative from the Women's Council UK.

At the formal proceedings of the meeting the following appointments were made:

Ex-Officio Members:
President of Honour: Dr Miss Nalini Ekanayake
Vice President of Honour: Dr Mrs Seetha Siriwardena

The following members were appointed to the Executive Committee:-

President: Mrs Kumari Ratnayake
Secretary: Mrs Minoli Weeraman
Treasurer: Mrs Ranee Thuraisingham
Education Officer: Mrs Chitra Jayasooriya
Immediate Past President: Mrs Calista Jayasinghe
Vice President: Mrs Natalie Layman
Membership Secretary: Mrs Luckshanthi Goonawardena

Executive Committee:
Mrs Calista Jayasinghe, Mrs Natalie Layman, Mrs Swarna Athauda, Mrs Ranee Thurasingham, Mrs Luckshanthi Goonewardena, Mrs Sarasa Siriwardana, Mrs Indira Wimalasena, Dr Mrs Kamali De Soyza, Mrs Mona Swaris, Mrs Ruvenie De Alwis Jayasinghe, Mrs Malini Perera, Mrs Chitra Fernando, Ms Vajira Zeghli, Mrs Fathima Muhammed, Mrs Nelun Perera.

Mrs Sue Clarke and Mrs Damayanthi Holbourne were welcomed as new members to the Committee.

Trustees of the Education Scheme: Mrs Chitra Jayasooriya, Dr Mrs Kamali De Soyza, Mrs Mona Swaris, Mrs NatalieLayman, Mrs Indira Wimalasena and Mrs Sarasa Siriwardana.

The Sri Lanka Women's Association (SLWA) was formed in 1949 and was a pioneer in the field of providing a forum for women from Sri Lanka to meet in a social environment to exchange views and provide mutual support and to establish goodwill and understanding among all nationalities. Since then the organisation has evolved over the last 68 years. The Education Scheme is a registered Charity in the UK and has over the years invested in the education of women and young girls in Sri Lanka to help them gain economic emancipation and empower them.

The Association has recently raised funds for the CFS Prithipura Home in Sri Lanka. Prithipura is a home for destitute children with mental and physical disability. It is a registered Charity and approved as a Non Governmental Organisation. The Home is run primarily through donations in both cash and kind from individual and corporate well wishers. The SLWA raised funds through a sponsored walk and a Christmas lunch, "Yuletide Cheer", specifically, to upgrade the Activity Room in the Home, to help improve the quality of life of the residents. Most of them derive great pleasure by participating in creative activity such as hand work, painting, singing and dancing.

Regular donations are also given to the Save the Children Fund, The Greater London Fund for the Blind, LEPRA, the Buddhist Temple in Chiswick, the Mulleriyawa Hospital in Sri Lanka, Commonwealth Countries League, Countries and Families Abroad. Funds are also raised for Charitable causes in Sri Lanka such as the recent donations to Prithipura Home, Heart to Heart Trust Fund, installation of a Water purification system in a school in the North Central Province sponsored by "Inner Wheel" and the Chronic Kidney Disease Hospital in Anuradhapura. SLWA also responds to appeals for funds to help those afflicted by natural disasters around the world.

The SLWA is also proud to be affiliated to international and national organisations such as the International Alliance for Women, the Women's Council in the UK, the Commonwealth Countries League and the Sri Lanka Women's Conference.
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