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April 18, 2018
47th Commemoration of April Heroes in London, UK
The commemoration ceremony was held by the JVP committee, UK on 07th Saturcerday, April 2018 at the Saklathwala hall, Southall with the participation of the JVP supporters in UK to mark the 47th April heroes' day of Sri Lanka. The commemorative speech was delivered by the comrade Eranga Gunasekara, the convener of the socialist youth union of Sri Lanka via skype.

The ceremony started with the lightening of he candles and offering flowers to the statue of the heroes and singing the heroes' song. The ceremony was chaired by comrade Dharsana Hettiarachchi the organiser of the JVP UK committee and significant of the ceremony was explained by comrade Ranjith Wijesiriwardena.

The "71 uprising" was the first struggle against the oppression of re colonialism by the British rulers, the neocolonialism, the puppet leaders of imperialists and the moribund capitalism and, to get the power to the hands of the working people. Thousands of activists who gathered around JVP for no personnel benefit and dedicated their lives to implement their great imagination of creating a better and justifiable society for majority of Sri Lankans were brutally tortured and killed by the Sirimawo regimen in April 1971.

Mr. Eranga Gunasekra addressing the gathering via skype explained the significance of the struggle which the first national liberation struggle in Sri Lankan history was, and the unique culture of the JVP as a socialist movement as oppose to other political parties in creating people with unbelievable dedication and determination for a pure intention even in very harsh conditions. The uprising was a craving necessity of oppressed people for a better life and a fight for the political freedom for the working class.

Mr. Eranaga mentioned few conspicuous names such as comrade Premawathi Manamperi, comrade Kamalabandu and so on as admirable examples who displayed patriotic courage to grab the death without divulging any information about the struggle when they were facing extreme torture. He reiterated that our utmost responsibility is to create the world they wished.

There were few comrades who had participated and experienced the "71 uprising" among the gathering including comrade Manthreen Punchihewa, Sunil Wickramasinghe and comrade Karuna Gamanayaka, the wife of comrade Upahissa Gamanayaka, who also delivered a speech sharing her experiences during the course of her political activities. She described the difficulties and suppressions that the activists had to face in bringing up the party to this level. Her speech was a good encouragement for the gathering.
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