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May 15, 2017
46th Commemoration of April Heroes at London United Kingdom
46th commemoration of 1971 struggle and April heroes was on 29th April 2017 at Queensbury London. It was organised by JVP committee of United Kingdom and it was more colourful with a program of commemoration songs and exhibition. JVP parliamentarian and central committee member Mr Nihal Galappaththi was the chief guest for this occasion.

There was a large gathering from all over the country and specially we noticed the contribution from Sri Lankan Tamils and Muslims who lived in U.K. Also representatives from British communist party Marxist and Leninist .

Commemoration was started with lightning candles and laying in front of the monument for April heroes.

Mr Darshana Hettiarachhi the organiser of JVP U.K. Did Welcome the audience and Dr Indunil Wijenayake and Mr Nihal Galapaththi delivered speech.

Dr Wijenayake stated that 71 struggle was not a random uprising of young immature people but It was a struggle of politically well educated courageous people targeted to replace corrupted anti democratic capitalist system. It was the first uprising of oppressed people against rulers class in our history. And they laid down their lives for purpose of build up a good society and county for majority of Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim Sri Lankans. About 10000 heroes sacrificed their lives for the struggle and lot more comrades had been jailed. Though we lost the struggle still it left lots of victories to our people.

Mr Galappaththi mentioned that we have to complete the objectives of 1971 struggle. That would be the real tribute for April heroes. That is taking over the ruling power of country to hands of working class or the majority and developing the country to place where all Sri Lankan can live happily. JVP working on that target to complete in 2020 and seek support from Sri Lankans who live all over the world.

There was a recorded speech by JVP general secretary Tilvin Sliva. He stressed that SLFP and UNP governments have destroyed our motherland for last 69 years and now it has come to a critical position and two parties have combined to rule the country but still country is going further backward in every aspects. He invited all people who belongs to various religions, ethnicities and parties to gather around JVP to get that great victory to Sri Lanka in near future.

The Event was coloured by a live musical program comprised with commemoration songs. Lots of professional artists were participated for the musical programme. The sinhala introductions of the songs was done By Mr. Nishantha Wickramarachchi, TamilbyMrs Subhashini Loganathan and English by Thushra Dassanayake.

The commemoration programme was concluded after the thank you speech by Mr Ranjith Wijesiriwardena
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