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July 21, 2017
On the 12th of June 2017, Kenton Bethany Church celebrated twelve years of
His Royal Service in the Kenton, Harrow area by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
To mark the 12th anniversary, a special Thanksgiving Service was held on Saturday 1st July 2017 at the Preston Manor High School. As expected, the crowd was in excess of 400 which included many Pastors, Ministers, Servants of God, Friends and Families. They all gathered to on the day to celebrate and give thanks to the Lord for his continued Grace in Blessing and Guiding the Kenton Bethany Church.

The Service began with a song to thank God, which was followed the Opening Prayer by Pas. Thasan of the Bethany Norwich Branch. The Praise & Worship led by the Pastor Rev. K Suthesh and Sister Sona, was a symbol of God's promise and his continuous fulfilment of it, as the presence of the Holy Spirit was vividly felt by those who were present. Once the Praise and Worship ended, it was the turn of the Bethany Kenton Senior Citizens, who despite their age, defied all odds to go up on the stage and sing a well-executed Celebration Song which was appreciated by those who were present. This was followed by a Special Song by the immaculately attired Bethany Kenton Choir.

The Story of King David was the main theme of the evening written, scripted and acted by the Kids and Youth of the Church who performed it as a musical (Song, Dance and Acting) for the first time. The Musical was split into four separate elements and they performed them amongst other events. The audience were given a narration and a background before each scene. The Under 10's performed the story of David when he was a Shepherd and could not perform the tasks that his brothers were capable of doing. The 11's to 16's, then performed the Anointing of David by Prophet Samuel. The Youth then took over and performed what was the highlight of the evening - The battle between David & Goliath followed by the Crowning of Davis as King. Whilst the Dance being performed, Julia Suthesh and Stefan Dionis sprung a surprise by signing the Psalm 23 Song and then to the delight of the people present, the entire Bethany Kenton Congregation went up on stage and sang a Special Thanksgiving song, which was written and it's music was composed by our own Church Members.

The Clothing, props and other materials used for the Musical extravaganza were prepared using recyclable materials and other materials at our disposal by the Members of the Church headed by Sister Sanchiya, who not only masterminded the theme but also delivered all requirements at a minimal costs, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The word of God was delivered by Rev.T.M.I.Sathiyaraj, the Senior Minister of Bethany Faith Ministries. During the short time allocated he delivered a heart touching and a soul raising exhibition of God's truth and promise which he always fulfils.

In between all the events, there was a small felicitation ceremony which was conducted by Senior Pastor Rev. T.M.I.Sathiyaraj and his wife Pastor Chrishanthy Sathiyaraj. This was done to appreciate and honour Rev. K. Suthesh and his wife Sister Sanchiya for their relentless works towards building the Kingdom of God in the Kenton area, to their Kenton Church and in large to the Bethany Faith Ministries.

Sis Manori Fernando of the Sinhala Bethany Church prayed for the offerings, whilst Pas Chrishanty delivered the final prayer and Dr. Christy prayed for the food. The evening ended with a wonderful fellowship and the gathering were served with a delicious Sri Lankan Dinner and most of the crowd stayed behind to enjoy the hospitality, love and affection of the Bethany Kenton Members, who displayed the truest qualities of a Christian by sharing love and affection as guided by the Holy Spirit.

It was quite evident that the good Lord was perming miraculously from the time this programme were in its initial stages. We could see that his guiding Hands, lead us through the process removing every obstacle on our way to successfully conducting this major event, which Kenton Bethany carried out for the first time in it's 12 years of existence. Let all Glory, Praise and Thanks be to our one and only King Jesus Christ.

Those who wish to attend our regular service and receive the blessings of our Heavenly Father, please contact Pastor K.Suthesh on 0795 073 5417 or 020 85712156

E-mail: bethanychurchofgod.kenton@yahoo.com / ksuthesh@hotmail.com
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